Me too about #metoo

Well.. After 15 drafts I started writing on this topic which recalled my mind about the horrible harassments and I scrapped the drafts trying not to get depressed, yet finally decided to complete this blog.
The hash tag and awareness and reading about every single story is sad. Sometimes it is shocking to even hear that few of my friends or cousins have also faced and we never spoke about it.  Where do I start? From the ten year old innocence being mishandled? Or the first time I noticed the difference in the way those boys looked at me? Or when we happily enjoyed school farewell party and later saw every bend, every dance, every curve was clicked and commented? Or when I was bold against social situations at college, boys used my gender to stress me? Or the first time I traveled alone in a bus, hands tried to reach me from back seat and entire night I was crying standing in the bus without sleeping, maybe i was scared to confront and it was shameful for me? Ouch.. The list is too big.. Until incidents that happened recently..  Every incident has made the girl stronger, made us push and rise up.. When we girls talk about such stuffs, atleast once in life we have felt sick of why we are born as women? Why are we preys to those eyes? There were days we hated our body which was behind all the mental stress!
Now, beyond all this we face in day today life, what makes us continue life in this world? However strong feminist I am, I know I will have to face these harassments as long as I am alive. But what gives me confidence to sleep peacefully and wake up next day.
There stands men.. Very close men in our life.. Who creates a secured emotional world for us.
 Father – girls are always princess to our dads.. He has been protecting us all through his life and all his choices are made,  keeping the safety of his wife and kids in mind.

Brother – though I am a single child, I am lucky to have few close ones as true brothers in life. I know that if I call them this minute and say I am in trouble,they will throw everything else and come there to protect me.
Life partner – this person plays a very very important role. When everything around  is creating fear, when entire world looks dark, husband is the one who shares the emotion with his wife and gives her a promise and hope that he will always make things right for her. He is there to hold when she is being pushed. 
Son – A relation which is created totally new, a life which entered the world from within you.. After becoming a mother, my anger on men reduced. My son’s innocent smiles reminded me of the fact that every child born was pure. So there is a possibility of making the world a wonderful place in future. Son – my bundle of positive hope that I leave for next generation

Friends – any girl who has a true guy friend will be able to relate how much they mean to us. How much psychological safety they create..  I have best friends, simple friends, colleague friends, neighbor friends who are men. Every word we talk creates a trust, every smile we exchange ensures that amongst the cruel sickening men, you guys are bringing happiness in our lives. You guys are the ones who see us as humans. 
A girl doesn’t easily open up the personal pains to everyone, especially her #MeToo stories. But if so many women shares such stories today, it shows the depth of the pain. At the same time, it also shows the hope and belief she has on men who have created the world a better place, a zone where she can share her pains too.
Metoo campaign is not to prove men are bad.. Infact men also undergo harassment though the intensity is not this much. It is also to prove ourselves that there are men in every girl’s life who gives her strength and confidence. 
Thank you to every man in my life who has made me a stronger person, a happier person and if I have to point fingers to guide my daughter, I will show you guys and say “see.. They are actual men created by God, the good ones who belong to this world”

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  1. This is the harsh reality, indeed. It’s a great thing that this trend started and people shared a lot of their personal stories and pain. Let God give each of you immense strength and destroy the evil forces in this sometimes messed up world. It’s true that due to the good souls in this world, the world seems a much better place to live in. I wish there was a trend for metoo for men too, as the pain we face is similar. But I am not complaining. I know, in general, women are far more vulnerable to predators in this case.
    So, all I would say is Go brave lady, Go on!

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