Mommy doesn't grow up 

2012 December – 3 years old Dhakshin’s first stage performance during Christmas , all he did was standing on the stage and searching for mommyy , crying for me. As I waved my hands he will calm down still wants to come to me ! 
2017 August – 7 and half years old Dhakshin dancing on stage. Throughout the program, his crazy mommy kept waving hands and calling him. He reacted “am busy mom, let me focus on the performance” and was proud to show us the dance. 
🙂 how true it is that kids grow up faster than parents ! 
Does this little fellow can understand these mommy feelings ! 🙂 
A recent Poem I wrote for him :
Everyday I cross ur school while driving to my office
That is the moment I will realise though am in car, my heart is inside ur school premises ! 
My dear son .. my love before first sight !
( I told him the poem, he got very angry 
Am i not human being ? Just a heart? 🙂 ) 

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