More the merrier : Power at Tigressandbutterfly

Whats special about 2021 Women’s day for tigressandbutterfly ? This year we have more tigresses stepping out of the mental cage and showed the power of their writing. We have more butterflies spreading positivity and smile. So Cheers to all the women who are now part of Tigressandbutterfly club showcasing power of strength ! A quick intro of all of them

Ishwarya Ramanathan : Mother of a toddler, running between mommy guilt, wifey love, family responsibilities, missing the full time job but never giving up on herself, a freelancing journalist, content writer and now blogger and coach with Tigressandbutterfly !

Ishwarya Ramanathan

Aswini Balasubramanian : Who says college students are careless about life ? Ashwini, a gen Z girl, college student, future engineer is also a tigressandbutterfly writing her series on Gen Z kid with us, also a coach. Writing is her solace.

Aswini Balasubramanian

Geethanjali : Mother of a 4-year-old, a trainer by profession in abacus and Vedic maths, and also her love towards cooking made her start writing blogs. From once being a homemaker to a passionate woman wearing multiple hats she enjoys every change that has happened since the last year, adorably playing perfect as a tigressandbutterfly


Benita : Mothet of two girls, banker by profession. Now stay at home mom channelizing her thoughts with quality blogs. Being an admirer of beauty, art and nature and an ardent observer, she masters the art of sharing personal experiences and learnings. Inspiring others through her writing is what brought her together with tigressandbutterfly


Sangeetha Baburaj : A product analyst, analysing more about being a better person in whatever she does ! Mother of a super thoughtful rebellious kid who questions her making her find answers of life. Sangeetha has stepped in to the world of blogging with tigressandbutterfly to discover a new self through writing.

Sangeetha Baburaj

Swati Rungta: New to the world of Motherhood, and experienced in I.T world. With a lot of views and expeirences that she carries behind her smile, Swati has not given up on bringing positivity and power to the world and hence joined the team of tigressandbutterfly!


Me, along with these awesome super six ladies wishing everyone best success towards inclusiveness and togetherness in making world a better place !

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