Movie Review : Ayyapanum Koshyum , ego and self respect

Prithviraj, the chocolate hero in movie Mozhi : What a macho Singha performance, his looks, broad features, ofcourse beard, the kurta and folding mundu moments & the angry looks ! What a treat to fans.. Biju Menon, falls into the category of calm storm men, the fierce and matured arrogance he carried was like wooh!

Now coming to what made me write the review for movie is 1. Definitely a watch list in Amazon prime 2. I always wondered which is more important, self respect or kindness ? Ego or love ? & I think this movie which is fully about ego gives me the answer, rather an assurance on what I felt right.

What happens when you trigger / touch the self esteem and provoke the ego of a person, in this case both good humans from different family background, different strengths, contrasting status and hero in their own circle. Made me think of multiple college buddies , now a lot of work stakeholders, who might be competent enough, nice people but maybe ego fell as a log in between. It is not easy to remove this log as it is not just a wooden log rather a strong iron rod that is too heavy to carry. Every time u try to remove the ego block but it gets dropped for any reason, it only increases the ego.

And a fantastic screenplay ,perfect casting, the wife of each egoistic man, their characteristics ,their friends, the driver and how every person’s reaction is surrounded by the self respect damage of these important men in their life.

Adipoli Da Manushya…

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