My Pregnancy Journal

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”
Yes ! I am just re born … 26 days old.. Rebirth second time.. and I want to script the sweet memories in this blog.
Womanhood is beautiful and precious. The most beautiful and precious part of womanhood is giving birth to a baby. Transforming an egg to a cute human being is just magical and amazing and thats why every mother is considered as God.
In my journey of these 10 months, there are many souls and many fun filled sweet memories that made the pregnancy part lovely and enjoyable. So let me list it down the experience which can also be few tips for the new mommies reading this blog 🙂
First trimester : Once you hear the good news, the kind of emotional thoughts a lady undergoes is more than the physical changes, so here is my blog on the emotional changes of new mom and new dad : Mom to be and Dad to be
I still remember telling this news to my son , who was 5 yrs . We had a lunch out on Feb 14 and after lunch I told him there is a baby in my tummy, and he was surprised, happy and from that second he started caring for me so much. When we had to walk to the car, he was holding my hand asking me to walk safe and that was so touching to see my little one giving me the motherly care 🙂
Then comes the Morning Sickness !  the struggle in bathroom, food allergies, headache, fainting etc..  What made me overcome this final stage of first trimester is mother and mother in law taking turns to take care of routine at home.. All my mood swings and anger was just vented out on my dear mom 🙂 I made her cry, shouted at her and I say “blame the pregnancy harmones ”
Are you wondering how can these symptoms and changes be pleasant ? Can you think of any instance where you throw up or faint and then touch your tummy, feel the little life inside and put a smile giving a virtual kiss ? That happens only during pregnancy and hence I enjoyed every burp , every headache, every allergies 🙂 So enjoy it !!!Baby Shower Invite.002
Second trimester : As all internet websites call, yes this is called honeymoon period during pregnancy. Those tiny tickles.. oh ! wait yes, the baby is kicking inside .. Baby responds to daddy’s voice and brother’s voice with another kick boxing inside my tummy. Yes, it is lovely stage of pregnancy
We had planned maximum possible movies, outings, friends parties etc during this stage. Ah ! best part was the way I had been pampered by friends around with yummy delicious dishes. I also enjoyed maximum cooking during these 3 months and blogged a lot.
Baby shower was planned during beginning of 7th month. The positive energy and smiles I received during my baby shower is such a precious gift for me . I enjoyed making this invitation as well..
Another major milestone happiness during this trimester is maternity photoshoot. The way costumes were planned, theme decided and one full day of photoshoot , finally seeing those pics are charitable memories. Strongly recommended to capture this lovely stage of yours 🙂
To know more about photographer and see his clicks, watch the link : R Nathan’s photography
Third trimester : Big belly, no more blogs, no more kitchen, scans and check ups, waiting for the d day… penguin walks, avoiding crowds and get togethers.. These define the last trimester. I do not remember sleeping throughout a single full night during these stages. Getting far away from my elder son was definitely painful. I was almost becoming a baby 🙂
Wait.. the above is half of my preg story.. the other half was carried by my better half : My better half
On Oct 1st evening, I had some pain and went for random checkup, realised I started my labor and 9:03 PM I heard the melodious sound of “Yaalini” our sweet little daughter 🙂  I was also re born as a mother again!! 
For all the love and care my family showered on me, I handed over the gift Post surgery, every effort I took to move or walk or stand, is either for this little face of Yaalu or her most caring brother Dhakshu who waited to cuddle me for last 10 months..  Lovely re birth ! 
Wish every preggy mommy to enjoy each day, each uncomfort , each mood swing of pregnancy to the fullest. All the best ! Happy Parenting !!!

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  1. Beautifully expressed….and I am sure these are just highlights….there is so so much to it …. Well done strong lady….you are a shining star in the sky inspiring many others. Take care. See you soon. Me and Zeba awaiting to meet you and your newly arrived angel. Once back on toes, just tingle us.

    • You are among the top list of positive energy especially during my pregnancy Mumtaz .. Thanks a lot.. Can’t forget Zeba s tiara and your biryanis 🙂 see u soon

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