narmyinparis Meeting Mindy

After all the travelling hassles during covid times, the perk is 10 days quarantine after you reach a new country. This not only ensured safety to others, but also gave some time to settle over to the new place, timezone, food, etc. And the quarantine released week awaited office day1. Remember the confused state of mind in which Emily sat at the park and she met Mindy running around? This is the time I introduce you all to my Indian Mindy. But she was not the running around types. In professional context, she is the HR to onboard new employees travelling to France in our organisation. We had been communicating online – with her cold tone, thorough knowledge on process and she had an Indian attire chubby looking profile pic, I always imagined meeting someone who would be a compliance person and systematic types. Let us get back to my day 1 to office. Morning I received a text from her that she would meet me on the ground floor of my stay. I walked towards the door. There came a tall Indian chic, wet hair, stylish Paris clothing, hotness and attitude of Britney Spears (that’s her nick name too). Wow, this girl was someone else with no connection to the ‘process oriented’ HR I had chatted online. She guided me on the access, the office tour , introduced me to people, such warmth. My heart-beat started pumping normally with the comfort she provided – my Indian Mindy – Ashita. Why did I explain about my costume a lot ? Why did I highlight Indian Mindy ? Because there is a French Mindy on my day 1. But, hold on, let me explain how I prepared myself to office that day. With my love and brand created for Saree , day 1 at new role, new place – I would have always preferred this amazing attire with my pearl set. With the rainy, cold Paris weather, new office had me experiment new looks. The Allen Solly women section’s new collection dress and blazer smiled at me from the wardrobe conveying ‘we would be your perfect partner today’. So, I get dressed up with super formals attire, shoes, etc. And after Ashita had settled my off, I was in work mode on, the new office with beautiful Eiffel view and I met my team, there she came, after a long travel from her place to the Paris office, made my day comfortable. There stood me, in my super formal attire, as I looked forward meeting my French colleague. There was this bright face, friendly eyes, cheerful ‘hello’ welcoming me. She was on her jean and white t-shirt and shoes. She said, “ooh, you are so formal, apologies if I look too casual”. I got a “bling” sound inside me, the brat within me was laughing at the timely incident for my ‘office wear confusion’. After our little catch up, coffee time, getting to know more, we started on work topics. My Indian Mindy checked with me for lunch and I of course politely refused as I was with my French Mindy. And the time of lunch, Virgie said, “I am going to the mall nearby to collect my things, it is the last day for me to get them. I will grab lunch there”. I instantly gave the reaction of how a kid’s lips would flip flop when you say no to candies. Looking at my disappointment, Virgie – yes French Mindy decided to accompany me. She really cared for me so well understanding the initial phase struggles. The world of starter/salad, main course, a drink and dessert – woah I wondered if it was special lunch gala because I came there. When I looked around, everyone who came to the restaurant ordered 4 course lunch and why would employees from other companies order 4 course meals for my entry. The brat inside me laughed non stopped. Post that episode, Virgie and me quote this example during every cultural difference related topic and laugh about it. French or Indian – today we are good friends and great colleagues. Ashita is my daughter’s favorite Barbie now. 4 months later, I am currently in a comfortable zone, being myself at work, discovering my style of things. A great deal of settling support was by these two women and this memory is something I would always recall as day1 at work. Hope you enjoyed #MeetingMindy episode. Don’t ask me about Camile. Let me find Gabriele first, Coincidence is I live in 5th floor too, there is a restaurant in the lane too, but I checked the entire neighbourhood, Gabriele is missing. Next episode is going to be visiting beautiful outdoors of Paris,…What is life without travel and experience right 😉 Is it the same as insta reels ? Wait for it…

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