Necessity : Mother of INVENTION & Self Discovery

I am going to wear a lens and see the current scenario differently. There are multiple online workshops / video challenges that are happening now. 
“I never had time to organise my kitchen loft, I always wanted to plan regular gardening, our team wanted to prepare a detailed document on XYZ but we never could prioritise that” – Everyone who said or felt these statements earlier now have started becoming DOers from being dreamers
Need of the hour is to stay at home, to isolate from the busy world, to practice hygiene more than religion. This need of the hour, this necessity has led to many little inventions, ( inventions not necessarily has to be rocket science only) 
My daughter who barely had time for breakfast during her busy school days, today takes care of watering plants daily. My son has finished cleaning ,dusting of living room, kitchen and finally started my dressing table, and asked me why I have so many accessories lol ( he has never observed this for ten years ) 
Entire family sits together for having fruits in the evening.

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I love jasmine flower and being in a metro city, it was an occasional celebration wearing flower but now, everyday I enjoy oiled hair with jasmine flower from our garden. 
Kids don’t have any new Hamley’s products nor costly barbies. So they have started building / creating their own games. 
Me being rules Ramanujam at home , added the below along with social distance govt rule :
1. No smart phones, no TV
2. Learn a new habit daily ( folding clothes etc)
3. Teach each other new things
4. Write a blog to express yourself 
5. Yoga time daily
While it was difficult for kids during first week, now we are trying to coupe up with their enthusiasm and curiousity to enjoy new things everyday.
And work wise we all are waiting to resume back, consider this period as planning phase getting fine tuned. Our team continues the daily ten mins standup call and few in the team come up with new ideas, few take time to strengthen their competency, few seek guidance from others on areas of improvement, few started blogging on LinkedIn. We have figured out ways of executing work, we have learnt priorities and collaboration.

Been two weeks since I purchased anything online, been ten days since I used a makeup product. So this necessity made us invent a new lifestyle. Made us invent rather rediscover the evolution of humans being adaptive to situations! 

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So, are you ready to wear this lens and observe the simple inventions you created in the ecosystem ? Do share your stories, would be glad to learn & admire 🙂 

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