Once upon a time , there was a little girl

She was as sensitive as a pigeon, as fragile as a glassware, as gentle as a feather. She was too kind so fake people had exploited her kindness. She was too foolish for wicked foxes to make her a prey. She was too innocent hence monster minds made her a pawn in their bigger games. But she was too cute even when she fell down. Her eyes always carried a fear beneath those powerful eyeballs. She laughed around with group of people still carried a silence of loneliness within. She was possessive about her friends, she used to expect a lot from loved ones, she prayed for everyone forgetting her own prayers, sometimes even her head was down searching for a gem that other’s lost. She pushed her self-esteem when she has to lift up a friend in her life. Her concentration was as shaky as an earthquake, wandered from fairytale fantasy, to superstitious believes, to superhero dreams to studying more and to life with her friends forever. She was the teddy who loved hugs and who got pampered. She was also the cracker who lightened up like a festive season. I know her, I have felt her, have been her. Not any more.

Because now, she is lost, her “being sensitive”, “being fragile”, “being innocent” – those became lost traits. While this seems to be a sad comment, I know for sure that these lost traits are for the “greater good”. Everyday she is becoming stronger, this is far than being a soft,exploited human. She doesn’t anymore play the “expect, wait for long, then cry” game anymore with anyone rather she is more a seeker and practical achiever. Her every fear is now broken and guess what? ! WOW! the fear once broken is like a volcano which has treasure within. After breaking her fears, she now has inspiration within. The loneliness when vanished brought space for more love to the world. She stopped being possessive, being a bakara in the gang – rather she is smart enough to value herself, to value her prayers, to value her time for real friends. She knows her path and is steadily driving with happy loud music, ignoring the haters alongside. She is powerful, ambitious, inspiring, loved by those who know her, hated by those who assume their version of her. She doesn’t care. She rather knows and deals with things that are worth caring about.

Hey wait. By now, you readers would have obviously understood that I am talking about her right? Me right ? As in, the younger version of me who is lost and evolved as a new version. While this looks like some magical wand / spell turning a Shrek into a princess story, I have learnt that there is actually a magical wand. That is called “Resilience” – recovering quickly, rising up not just as the same but each time you fall, you rise as a better version of yourself. Each mistake you make, let you emerge as the one who has corrected those mistakes for lifetime. Let you also wear the armor of guarding the life that you create with this strength. Let you be the warrior who fights to protect your path. Let you aim higher than others want you to. Let you not allow distraction to break your success, let you be the owner of your actions, let you live, let you explore, let you fall, let you rise back as a better you, let you win and when you reach there, turn back to see the road and the “once upon a time” version of you. Life is writing your story there in that journey you create, the path you travel, the stop overs you make.  Don’t let others scribble into it. Keep rising, Keep discovering.

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  1. Hey,
    Very well said, I have Connected with your story a lot. it’s so familiar seems like Its about me 😊involved into the fantasy, strong feelings of success.
    Thank you

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