Photo story 34 : The hero

He was bored, he wanted to be heroic. That’s mostly understandable with teens and their harmones. He bunked the classes and was escaping off to the beach side walk. Who will tolerate the annoying attitude of their chemistry teacher ? Why should he put up with the free advice shared by the English sir ? Who asked for such expert opinions ? And such judgemental maths teacher , he cannot sit in the class. He felt very dude-like when he was rebellious, including this moment when he stepped out of class inspite of the teacher mentioned that it is an important class.

The fear plus wow look that his classmates express, especially the wide open eyes of the girls in the class, he walked out with collars up. Beach is a nice hang out place. He walked casually, observing the summer, observing the roadside toy shops, the tiny food stalls, the crows forming groups, the splashing waves, the blue sea. Wait! Is that a hand he sees amidst the splash of waves ? Is that an actual human hand ? He threw his bags ,removed his sandals, he ran into the water to save the life of the little boy who slipped deeper into the beach. As he dragged the little boy to the shores, and punched him to expel the water and witnessed life resuming back to the little boy, that is when Amit actually felt the hero within.

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