Poem for Kids on "Nature & Gadgets"

What a timing ! I wrote my blog on Children and gadget last week ( Children and gadgets : Who is the culprit ? ) and coincidence : There is a poetry recitation at my son’s school this week.
What can be more exciting for a mother who is also a poet, to write a poem for her own child’s school event ? So weekend was so wonderfully busy with me writing the poem and my little one memorising it.
The poem below –
Oh my dear friends
Are you the best in technology trends ?
Do you love candy crush ?
Or like playing near plants and bush ?
Have you played with butterflies in the garden ?
Or just with the monster in temple run ?
Fond of angry birds ?
Or have you fed real love birds ?
Ever visited a waterfalls ?
Or only subway surfers thats all?

Oh hoo my dear friends
Nature is more lovely than mobile and fun
The world is more beautiful
so spend your time very thoughtful
Feel the air you breathe and
Taste the water you drink
Touch the sand you play
Enjoy the seasons every day

Life will look more wonderful
with your health and mind peaceful
So friends Remember –
Dont waste too much time in gadget
Because Nature’s love does not have any budget 

( Youtube link :  Video of practice session)

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  1. Wah wah wah…Simple yet beautiful 🙂

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