Raw Movies are Responsible

Hey guys, I am sorry, for going to be a very old fashioned, boring person who sounds stupid and might over react for either small stuffs or awesome stuffs according to you. But, this is a blog from a simple citizen of 2019, who is also a parent adoring the fact that the next generation is fantastic beyond the previous ones, at everything.

Old story : Some seniors were talking during the lunch break that the movie has a lip kiss scene and me and my friend’s gang were thrilled about it in seventh standard.And after months, when there was an ad that the movie is going to be broadcasted in TV, parents warned not to watch it. We 4 girls planned for a fake group study and somehow managed to watch the movie. The direction, the story, the foreign shoot songs, nothing excited us – we were waiting for that scene we heard. And the romance started. When she closed her eyes, he gave a peck in a flash. It was exactly two seconds fast kiss. But, we all giggled, we spoke about that for days.

3 decades later, now let us try to guess what would be the conversation amongst the seventh std girls in class, around the romantic scenes? As a parent, I confess we are aware that each movie we take our kids gives them exposure to much more stuffs. Areh yaar, let us be modern! It is okay. From a sleevless those days, to a bikini being common these days – okay.. From a peck those days to a bedroom scene with lights- okay.. From a romance talk with metaphor to open verbal usage of sexual languages – well, what do we do , okay ?!

But wait – Sacred games ? – Violence and horrible sex… 4 More shots ? which portrays women freedom is about drinking and sexual domination… for a minute, the readers, just imagine yourself as a 14 year old and look at these kind of movies. How will you react? What will run into your mind if you had watched just a couple of scenes when you were 12 or 14? Well, they have a censor certificate and they are not supposed to be watched by kids. (Ask yourself, have you never found a way to watch the UA/ A certified movies during your school days? Now social media and technology is much more advanced). We do not need secret websites to teach what is a threesome, there are efficient directors and modern minded actors and actress to educate that via bollywood or whatever wood movies to the coming generation. One rare raw movie can be okay, we can reserve as ‘not for kids’ category. I am talking about any common movie, especially award winning movies.

There is another genre which is much more disturbing – the violence! As a little girl, I like the movie “Roja” very much. It was a movie which is about the Nation , beautifully depicting through a newly wed life. The climax where Arvind Swamy returns back all beaten up – I cried, not just there. But I thought about it and realized how people in those regions really feel disturbed. As a child, I was very emotional along with the innocence.

Yes, you now know where I am coming to. Hell, the most happening genre of movies are made only in action – violence, war, killing, psycho killer for reasons you might not imagine, rape, not just a skirt becomes red kind of scene – but the 80% of rape is directed and the director is very talented if he can show a gang rape. Killing is again an art in the movie industry.

Recently I saw Vetri Maran’s recent movie “Asuran” which is extremely appreciated for the raw and touching screenplay. “Shame on you Vetrimaaran” – if you think showing a cut dead body which is eaten by dogs and making children scared and soft hearted folks puke inside the movie – you do not have anything to feel proud. We can name not just one or two – hundred movies , 1 out of 5 movies released fall into this category. Yak ! As a mother, as a living creature on “mother Earth”, I feel horrible to be in this side of the world where censor board gets expanded. Movies and media doesn’t hold any responsibility for what they show the future generation.

Slapping and hitting was normal to us, as we grew up watching them common in movies. A rape / stuffing a knife and slitting throat will be normal for the kids growing currently, do we give them a choice ?

I am not telling that it is only the movies, but the movies play an important role in the era. Two incidents that trigger me to write the blog

  1. A conversation between 3rd grade students : A vegeterian kid told a non veg kid, “you are killing hens and eating them right, one day I will kill you and feed you to the dogs”
  2. A 7 year old brother says his 13 year old sister ” I dont like that Akshay guy you friend”. She says, “mind your own business”. The brother says, “get lost, he will rape you soon you see”.

Creating such control less violent movies and boasting as talent and art, is same as packing the best water inside artistic plastic bottles. Plastic is a waste once created cannot be destroyed. Such raw movies are weapons to the society, which once create vulgar generation, nothing can be done. I am just one silly dramatic lady who doesn’t know to admire the arts in recent film growth. Can we insist the censor board or can we try to draw a line ? 🙁

Kids will sail through, parents will have their own the way to deal the issue, but this is about the ‘issue’

Is there any talented director who can show the beauty of the nature remaining on the Earth ? The emotions of love beyond words that lovers carry ? The hope seeded by every life born?

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