Real maturity is "being kiddish"

This is my favourite quote I keep on my chat status ! We all grow up, we all become old, we become ambitious, we try to become role models, we struggle for success, we thrive upon being independent, we explore new things in life, we experience new achievements. What is missing ? “The innocence” that we used to have. That child in me, who is still there, locked inside myself, tied and tangled with chains called “maturity”. What am I doing to that “kiddish me” ? While I want to be a better and matured person day by day, why do I avoid the kiddish child in me , whom I love to be.
children-play-rain-india_18731_990x742I totally agree that we cannot be roaming on streets with running nose, we cannot throw tantrums on a dinner table , we cannot cry each morning saying “i dont want to go to office”. These are good things about growing up, good signs of maturity. However, how many of you like playing in rain ? How many of you like making sand castle ? How many of you like to run behind butterflies trying to catch them ? How many of you like to ride only the tyres with a stick ?
And now which theory says that you are in your 30s , you cannot play in rain. Which logic says once u get your driving license, you are supposed to ride a tyre with a stick ? Wait, let me give a name for this disease, yes ! it is a disease for sure. “The grown up MANIA”- a mental disorder of avoiding things you love to do for the sake of third person and unwanted reasons.
And when do we realise this ? Once we get old, in our 50s. After 20+ years of “The grown up MANIA” we come to a realisation that we have missed that “Child in us” once we considered ourselves as ‘grownups’. That is exactly why you see grandparents not shying away to play and giggle with their little companions anytime. They revive the little child inside who was locked for more than 20 years.
IMG_0391_2When I see rain, I just go out and play and dance in rain. Ofcourse I have to think of certain small external factors, but I develop an attitude “kick those who give a STRANGE look” and I continue to play in rain.
Recently we went to a park and I walked around enjoying bubble play with my son, OMG ! For few minutes I felt like I am like a 5 year old and did not bother about anything. Fight and argue with children like children. 1. They will learn better than the parenting mode. 2. We become young at heart, child at heart.
Another example is on office scenarios. Few of my colleagues at office are completely into career mode and I hardly see them enjoying , chatting casually etc. Even if we go for a tea break, their discussion will be about the project activities and hence many of us avoid them. While it is perfect to carry table etiquettes during official dinner meets, wonder why should we follow these etiquettes during office friends trips also ?
They say “Work while work, play while play”. We forget the second part of this proverb once we reach our 30s and only WORK . Take time to let the child in you enjoy those special moments. Eat a candy pop , bite some watermelons without tooth pick and with ur hands, run and play with your children, take that  bajji from your friend’s plate to annoy him and laugh out. That can be the best way to reduce stress and you will realise that life is not about getting good ratings in office, getting promotions, life is not about succeeding in family arguments, not about getting priority from mother in law, not about buying so much gold, not about having huge bank balance, not about owning a house.
Life is about LIVING ! and you need to get into those days when you never bothered about anyone. The golden childhood days ! Being matured is actually “kiddish”. Be really matured  to become a kid at times 🙂

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    • Awesome read Jyoti.. And what a sync between both our thoughts 🙂 am amazed 🙌🏻

  1. Yes…agreed. I believe in ‘being ones own self, real self’. That genuine self brings out the real human in you. Its hidden many a times due to the so called baggage of experiences we carry and create covers over our actual personality…releasing one’s own self is a process in itself I feel….after all it is said rightly said’ there is child within all’….so commonly said belief is my saying too….Be your true Self!

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