Saree-gama Deepam look

From Durga Pooja, then Diwali and now Karthigai Deepam, every festival is also an excitement to wear the traditional and carry festive looks for us. For deepam, I tried this saree, which is a silky georgette ,this was bought in 2015 when pink and orange combo was the trend. This material is a highlight as it just blends with your body ,however very slippery so beginners in saree wearing can avoid this material as it discourages you from confidently carrying your saree look.

And this blog has just two styles but a totally new drape experimented.

This one the first is a normal drape with stone based jewellery ( usually I wear stone based jewellery during the festivals of light as the glitters go well with each other ) and it never fails 🙂

Trendy drape in this saree is the new one inspired by @tiabhuva Insta page where there are beautiful stylish drapes. And this one is not exactly the same but a remix version of my own attempt.

Step 1 : wear a contrast full sleeve top, I am wearing a stone embedded plain green top from Myntra , you can pick any dark full sleeve top of your choice

Step 2 : I am wearing a dhoti pant golden color, this gives the style needed for the look. You can also wear a skirt but make sure it’s not too much pleated skirt as it might make your second half enormous .

Step 3 : insert one corner of the saree completely inside ( tuck in ) and roll around your neck

Step 4 : drape entire saree around you and take a pleats of rest except the pallu.

Step 5 : the beauty or innovation here is inserting the pleats behind so it gives a skirt wave. ( Hence suggest to wear a pant and not skirt )

Step 6 : You can either pleat and close the look identical to the other side or make it simple by inserting the top inside. I have done the latter.

Ta-Da.. A hip chain is a must for this look to patch the hanging saree together. And this is am amazing look. A simple long earing and bun would make you the coolest trendy person in this look 🙂

So try to experiment this drape and do share your stylish innovative drapes with us !

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