Saree-gama festive looks

It’s just the season of Diwali, Karthikai Pooja and the excitement of wearing new dresses, traditional attire is a very enthralling element of the festive season. Dark Colors or light Colors? Contrast blouse or readymade ones? Stone jewellery or gold jewellery? Simple or grand looks ? The confusion and decision making is quite an important process for us, women. And in this blog I am excited to share the saree-gama looks of my Diwali saree, a very beautiful creamish sky blue silk saree. Me being someone who prefers bold colors, this was a complete new choice of mild color and the golden silk threads were adding elegance and richness to the color and silk material without making it flashy at all. So I decided to try some new drape patterns including Nauvari saree ( Maharashtra style)

  1. Gujarati look remix : The pallu being beautiful and majestic with the elephant design, I decided to match this with a puff sleeved dark golden blouse and the pallu in front ( however the length was higher in this drape consciously) it gives a taller look and a hip chain added cuteness to the overall look. The maang tikka is a real partner to blend this look during the festive season. Let me talk about my special choker necklace towards the end as it’s my recent favorite accessory of Diwali purchase.

2. Free floating pallu : If you are someone who doesn’t prefer lots of accessories and loves to maintain the contemporary look, then the long chain ( black mangalsutra pattern, called as karugamani in Tamil ) with big silver jhumka and my silver oxidised nosepin . An artistic eyeliner based bindi design will be the suitable one for this look. Trendy, ethnic and yet simple : that’s a bonanza if you carry the pallu with style, showing off the borders neatly. I also decided to go with a mild color yet contrast one for the blouse with simple tailored design.

3. Contrast blouse , South Indian drape : What else can be a perfect contrast partner for a mild blue saree than a dark pink puff sleeved grand blouse ? And this drape I decided to have shorter pleats as shorter pleats usually give a thinner appearance which would be a good fit for puffed sleeves, where as floating pallu gives a healthy look overall. So, always pay attention to how the material and blouse pattern adds to your final appearance as you want. Though I decided the simple pearl based golden necklace, I added flashy-ness to the look with the golden glittery eye lashes. So, this can be a perfect festive look that you can easily carry.

4. Nauveri saree drape : This time I wanted to try something with culture and also add a little drama. So I searched on YouTube and learnt the drape of this pant style beautiful drape. It’s bold, gives an independent feel as you can run around in the pantstyle and also I made a pony tail, which was more like a bun with this short hair and this look missed something. Oh yes, the nosering with pearls and gold. Added that, I felt the look was perfect and loved attempting this as part of saree-gama series. What’s your thought on this ? The antique style gold choker and more jewelleries were good partners to give festive vibes to the look.

Matushri Arts Choker set : Somehow for this Diwali, I got obsessed with choker sets to match the attire. I did get a skirt and ethnic top and wanted a choker which would suit both my saree and the skirt and tops, so this beauty from Matushri arts that I purchased from Amazon was a very well packed jewellery set that fed my obsession fully to its satisfaction and Diwali is super fun with the satisfied outfits and festive looks to the happy souls.

And hey, if you want to make an indo western look adding office looks, this royal blue blazer would be perfect fit

Wishing you all a happy Diwali and festive seasons , rock it with happiness at heart and looks too !

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