Saree-gama grandmother’s saree

Usually festive season is also a shopping season. But this 2020’s festive season, I thought of making it special by choosing to wear my grandmother’s saree ( which she was wearing for my parent’s wedding ) wow a 4 decade old saree.. And I miss her a lot, so this saree gives a wonderful feel for festive, for saree-gama and more..

This is a pure silk saree with clean design for big borders, plain in the body and stripes for pallu. While recreating the look, I decided to choose a half sleeve blouse, satin material that shines so it compliments silk. A bindi, clipped hair and a big ear ring is all I did. The genes did the rest I think 😉 One thing I always admired in my grandmother which I never possessed was her sharp nose which highlights the nose ring so gracefully. I am leaving that grace , not attempting it on my nose 😀

Now to make the saree super grand, use stone based accessories. This boatneck blouse which I purchased from Amazon ( studio shringar one of my favourite brand for readymade blouse )

Adding the Rajasthani/ West Bengali look with this nose ring :

Next comes the jimmiki kammal blouse which gave a fresh look to this saree, I paired up with simple attigai and jhumka ,all golden look. Perfectly suitable for attending functions and keeping it simple yet elegant. The pleats have to be thinner as the blouse is a cuter match. Here is the link of the blouse :

Now something I felt very good about this style is wearing the saree to work. How cool it is to make a 40 year old saree trendy and elegant for a work wear. Pearls do the magic, especially with this blue saree, pearl layered necklace ( dad gifted this for me after his first trip to Hyderabad and I preserve this for years now ) . The ear rings, for this look, would be a single pearl one without added designs. And a suitable bracelet. The pleats can be floating which compliments my new hairstyle or any open hairstyle 🙂 The blouse is the most important differentiator.. Readymade stretchable ones, you can find multiple patterns , choose what suits your body type :

Work look here..

Here are the accessories used


how did you like this saree-gama ? Which of your old sarees you would like to recreate ? Post in comment section and I would like to join you in designing them ..

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