Saree-gama Karishma cotton purple

Let me start by telling you the cost of this saree. It is a Rs 600 saree that mom got for me which has a rich purple colour and brilliant border with full mustard borders. The minute I saw the combo, I decided to go for a sleeveless and collared blouse. I stitched this blouse for RS 600 with the contrast collar colour and the best art of the blouse is the beads given in the blouse. Such an art !

Office look : One of my favorites when I go to work is this saree with a big ear ring and finger ring. This collar doesn’t need a neckpiece. So here is a simple look, this looks great with both open hair and with a bun, more serious or professional flavour adds.

Funky & trendy : Now if you want to spice up the look and want to the centre of attraction, people to notice you, let’s get some metallics added. I have close to ten jhumkas of various patterns. This one is a big-time favorite. Fold the collar inside and add this neckpiece, a nose ring and metal bangles , my lotus design finger ring are a package to this look. I would suggest not a dark lipstick but a pinkish or plumish shade one coat layer would do.

Ethnic look : Certainly perfect for festive times. Observe the pattern of the saree very closely, you will find a bright yet mild, pattern yet light blouse which would suit. The orange primary pattern in the blouse is a common color to pair the purple and mustard. So this blouse and use bold orange accesory set, this one is a gift from Dubai ( Citrine stones) and I matched them with my pearl bangles. Orange bangles would also go very well. The round bindi and the big forehead Tilak will add to the look. The hairstyle has a centre split ( my usual is a side split thou )

Party look : And the full link flair sleeved tops that I got from Chennai ( waves showroom) became a super suitable top for this saree. You don’t have to worry about the pleats when you wear tops, as they don’t expose much. Just a big flashy earring and nothing else.. free hairstyle, plain face touch up with smokey eyes would do the trick. Carry the right attitude and you are the cutest chic in the party.

This blog I have a little more than 4 looks. One with multi colour accessory and a nearly combed hair, one with open pleats, one with pony up.. so here is some glimpse for you

And there is something I would like to highlight about the bangles, especially the wooden bangles that I have a craze about. They are very much from local market, you can smell Indian flavour in them.. I kinda have 7 Colors of these bangles. They cost Rs50 each.

Hope you liked the varieties of this saree-gama. we have a tendency to assume cotton sarees are more professional and we can’t pep them for other occasions. But this saree proved me that it’s about the accessories, blouse and bit of change in attitude that’s all needed to show some variety.

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