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This beautiful soft cotton material is something that just made me fall in awe with the texture. My mom is my saree shopping partner, we discuss and discuss and research about every saree in length before buying. This saree is something I was very dicey about buying because of the pom poms. ” Mom, what if it looks funny ? “, ” What if they don’t suit my professional ambience ?”, What about the matching blouses”. But my mom was cool and said,” it will suit you perfect” and we bought it

I can create ten different looks with this trendy bordered, yet traditional patterned saree. The color is neither orange not red , it is the brick red color. here is 4 different looks that can be made with this saree. Now, post in comment section, which is your favourite pattern and what occasion would you prefer this look on ?

  1. Elegance & grand is what you create when you pair this saree with heavy embroidery work blouse ( full sleeve) and the elegance is an easy friend when you wear pearl accessories. But very important thing to note is the white pearl suits your ear ring well but doesn’t exactly pick up on the necklace. So get a half white or a matching pearl necklace. I am a fan of pearl accessories and I have a collection of 5 different Colors. It is worth the purchase. The pleats of the saree can be thinner as the heavy blouse would be highlighted and perfectly fits the look.

2. Party chic look is when you wear a black choker and compliment it with a big black dangler. A single bracelet would be perfect and oh yes, my new hairstyle is an added bonus to this trendy look. Usually this goes well with open pleats. Carry yourself as the cool chic in the party wearing our Indian attire. Sleeveless blouse and any sports shoe would be good with this. Also I have used a dull green eye liner for this so it’s not too black, but a hot smokey eyes eye liner would also be awesome.

3. Here comes my professional look, the faculty look gets perfect with a bun hairstyle, the round bindi and black sets for accessories. Multi bangles would be smooth matching this look. Wear that warm smile to be the most charming person in the crowd .

4. Here comes the other look where I paired the look with contrast accessories, a sandal jhumka and big neckset would bring that pretty perfect look with this saree. Note the difference you can create by making the pleats small, big or open pleats. Each of them add a difference to the final look. Be the happy Buddha enjoying this. The very important highlight for both these looks are the boat neck blouse which has a mild pattern yet a mild blouse that would highlight the saree better than a plain black.

Hope you liked the varieties of the pom pom soft cotton saree. Do leave your comments , suggestions and feedback , oh, click the like button buddy 🙂

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  1. You always nail the professional look! Amazing!

  2. Very Informative and Useful Post Narmada… Also, if you can share the details from where you get the accessories that would be helpful for many… 🙂

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