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I am a fan of dressing up and presenting good, after experiencing a flavour of varieties in fashion, my heart anytime goes to THE best Indian attire, “SAREE”. An attire that would perfectly suit any occasion, and an absolute professional wear for office , a costume that brings elegance to the woman wearing it.

I often hear many of my friends saying, “its too difficult to drape a saree”, “I think only branded or expensive sarees will be good to wear”, “its tough job to find a matching blouse or accessories”, “how can I have multiple sarees for various occasions”. I usually laugh and tell them, all the above are possible and its an absolute art to carry oneself in a saree.


So, my friends, starting this series of “Saree-gama” for you, sharing little tips and tricks of being an expert in carrying yourself in a saree and feel proud and shine!

Let me start with a special saree, which is close to my heart (oh, my entire wadrobe is πŸ˜‰ )

The story : The biggest treasure for my mom and me is the bunch of silk sarees that my grandmother possessed. After grandmother passed away, they were safely maintained by my mom but it was time the silk came out. So, we decided to find local weavers who can use the silk. This saree was an exchange on the other ones, few of the silk thread were used in this saree. And guess what, the total cost is Rs 1000 ish. And whenever I wear this, I feel the moments when I used to mock her wearing her sarees.

Pattern : A mild pink saree, with dual border and a simple golden lining. Blouse : There is no attached blouse for this saree, so I preferred to get a contrast blouse with a indo-western pattern. A boat neck blouse is always my first choice for work wear as it is zero glamour yet very trendy. That is because the pattern gives full coverage on the neck which displays more of the blouse design near the shoulder frame and exposing less skin. This blouse is an online purchase , cotton with a half-sleeve.

For draping ideas , you will find plenty of tutorials but saree draping is all about practice and wearing regularly.

So, below is 4 different looks on this dress.

1. Work mode : Wear a clutch to gather half of the hair so there is not much front fringes, use mild eye makeup, a dark red or maroon or plum color lipstick will give the sharp look. I prefer a big dangler ear ring that suits the blouse (not the saree) so its not too pinkish as an overall look. Big ear rings go with simple chain to make it elegant. Again the same idea works for hand – a big ring (same color of the ear ring) and a simple bracelet. Use milder nail paint if you wear a bigger ring.

2. Breezy mode : Now, if the look is more of a casual catch up, then free-hair certainly is the choice, you can make the rest okay, use a glitter lip balm. I use dark blue eye liner instead of black so its not too patchy.

3. Now, if you would like to spice it up with a tribal look, maybe attending a party or probably networking with people, then a bun is the best combo for this, as you add a thick neck piece. Also, note – no simple bracelet, rather a bigger bracelet which compliments both colors of the saree, I did not change my ear ring, but a big stud will also suit this. Am a fan of nose rings, though they don’t suit me a lot, but if you have sharp nose, don’t miss to add an antique nose ring to it. Purple / wine red lip base with a peach / light rose on top to give a dual lip tone will be a terrific combo ( I have not don’t it in the display pic)

4. Ofcourse the traditional version : Many a times, I come back from work and I get to attend a pooja at friend’s place or there is a function to hop in, then a golden blouse, set jewellery, stone bangles, little tilak, traditional hairstyle , preferably some flower, and the pleat can be open and there is a way to carry the border of the saree when you drape with open pleat.

Tada – Thats my first blog on Saree-gama series, hope you liked it, if you have more ideas on this saree combination, feel free to share in the comment section. With a different saree , different pattern next !

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  1. Wow lovely.

  2. Just love how you have explained everything in detail. Waiting for more❀️

  3. Very well written and useful info… iam one such person who doesn’t know to drape the saree still and always wonder how our moms use to be in saree all dayπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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