Simple Seven Tips : For the new dads

Fatherhood is the stage that brings you bundle of joy along with responsibilities together. This is the stage where you get transformed, you see the sweetest personality inside you. The strong man who is brave for any kind of wild forms on Earth will be soft hearted and become as gentle as a feather while your little one’s tiny fingers are touched by you. Congratulations 🙂 We can see how lovely this experience is to you !
While this lovely stage is new to you, always remember, it is not always the “mother’s duty” or “your mother in law’s” duty . We also understand that you desperately want to help, but not sure how and when to lend your helping hands. So , here you go with simple seven tips from tigressandbutterfly 🙂

  1. All she needs is Love : While your lady has just brought out the life you created within, we all know that it was not an easy jounrney for her. It takes minimum 6 months for the new mom to get back to her normalcy both physically and mentally. So, even while she faces her mood swings, while she is tired, while she feels frustrated for no reason, only show her love. Do not try to provide a solution for her issues, as they are hormone based 🙂 not real issues. So, keep showering your love and hugs to keep her smiles tuned ON.
  2. Breastfeeding : “What ? How can the dad help with breastfeeding ?” If this question raises in your mind, cut it out. The mother’s emotions play a vital role in milk secretion for the baby. And you know that you can play the key role keeping her motivated to continue the breastfeeding journey. And offer small helps like, once baby cries, you can soothe the baby in your arms, until the mommy gets herself settled for the phase. And post feeding burps sessions can be definitely a fun time for dad and baby. Also, give her the right food and fruits to keep her supply and strength on.
  3. Privacy : Yes, your mother is all excited about cuddling her grand child. Oh right, your office colleagues are so sweet , they came to visit your baby the next week after delivery. Your neighbours can’t wait to see the new member of your family. All of them come to you with such sweetness and excitement. But, remember – it is very important to do a status check before you entertain visitors and grandparents love. Your baby might have just slept after an hour of singing, feeding and hugging sessions. The already sleep -deprived mommy might have just dozed off. Don’t be that over enthu husband, who just opens the door and says , “darling, look who has come” and allow guests without checking with her. You know how she would feel ? She would just want to get all energy to extend her legs and kick u straight out of the room. So, understand and support the new world and make arrangements for privacy when needed.
  4. The massage time : There might be grandmother / mother / nanny to give baby a bath. But, fight for you right to massage the baby with love and fun. You will see the boy in you , giggling , massaging softly with your baby. And do remember, the new mommy’s legs might need a massage definitely to balance the cramps and tiredness.
  5. Diaper changing : I have seen some new fathers throwing up, when asked to change the baby’s diapers for the first time. On the contradictory, they are experts now even when the baby is 3 years, almost potty trained. It is a small role you can play in the parenting world.
  6. Night duty : you might have had night outs during your bachelor days, but trust me – your little one is giving you a better, more hectic yet the best night outs. You might be working all days and hence we understand your inability to wake up on weekdays but Friday nights and Saturday nights are always your duty time for your little darling . Waking up every one hour with the sweet cry of your child, tiredness and parenting mode fighting to wake you up – these will be sweet memories very soon in few years once your little baby will be a grown up sleeping in his / her own room. So throw away laze and cherish these hectic memories .
  7. Have some rest : while all above 6 tips are for you to take care of the mommy and baby, it is extremely important for you to stay healthy and fit . Avoid smoking and drinking for a while – your baby might not get comfortable healthwise with you under this habit. Take rest when ever possible, avoid possible meetings and parties / gathering to save your energy for better emotions: people around you can always understand paternal reasons after the arrival of your new baby.

As you must be experiencing, this is a beautiful stage ! Involve yourself in all possible spaces – remember it’s the delivery that is designed for the woman but you are capable of taking care of your baby in all other responsibilities. Cheers ! Happy parenting !

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  1. Having been promoted to the parenting (new dad) experience very recently, these tips seem written directly for me..such is the relevance and spot-on messaging. Thank you for the sensible tips..makes a lot of sense.

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