Simple seven tips : Kids being organized

Am I the parent writing the blog or am I the child here talking about being organized? Well, let’s figure it out, but certainly the habit of being very organized is something that we develop right from childhood. But hey, it’s not fun for a kid to get scolded by the parent on “krish, clean up your bed”, “yaalu, arrange your toys neatly” everytime ( oops that’s me telling my kids ) But honestly how did I overcome this when I was a kid ? Being super organized increases my productivity and expands scope for creativity. So here are some tips for readers to understand why and how to be organized at the same time enjoy you being you !

  1. Find beauty in habits : I love to admire things, adore the beauty of the environment around and be it maintaining my indoor garden regularly or painting with a theme in mind – i know where my things are. The brushes and art kit has its space so i dont stress on finding where is it. The same I see that works for my son – he is fond of Tom Gates books series. So he finds joy in arranging the books in order from part 1 till 15 and it’s easy to hunt the book whenever he needs. Beauty in habits !
  2. Dont micro-organize : This is applicable for both folder arrangements in a laptop or toys or stationary arrangements. All erasers in one box, all tiny black pins in one box , all color pencil of each size in another box.. oh oh oh, how many boxes to manage and memorize.. and when in hurry, we will open everything and make a mess. So make sure you organize in a big basket group things together. Example : all kitchen toys and related stuff in one box. All stuffed toys in one side.. and make it easy to access else kids are not experts to hunt down where it’s kept and take. They can play with a simple plate and spoon creatively.
  3. The shop keeper strategy : In some items, especially organizing accessories, i follow the shop keeper strategy, which is to display it and make it catchy and easy to pick. The pic speaks it all
  4. The miscellaneous box : However organized we are, there will be a timely urgency which will make us keep some hairclips randomly outside or infact family might not follow the rules. So have a miscellaneous box which is a big box of all these. On a weekly basis, you can, at your leisure keep the stuffs back into its place. If yoy are super organized person,you would do it same night
  5. The happy cleaning mode : Somehow in the mind, cleaning is associated with a hard work, and the immediate reaction is “uff”. I have a happy association with the word cleaning. Be it the hostel days, or now at home.. I plan my cleaning day in advance, will ensure no other disturbance is there and will involve entire family, like kids clean their room, husband our room and I manage living room and kitchen and overall supervising them and troubling them with pranks lol. But it’s also the loud music time ( pettarap song from kadhalan movie and similar ARR songs on Alexa or Jennifer Lopez on bluetooth) and i dance while cleaning, giggle around ,maybe order food via swiggy so let it be a happy thing
  6. Time management : Being organised is a state of mind. I like to have a “task tracker” excel which is my To-do list at office and every night i close my work only when the list is done. And there is a break time, there is a network with people time, there is a do not disturb am working serious time and there is eat one side and listen to online training videos time. This is also a very good idea that works for kids. My kids finish their online class and after lunch, homework is main work which they finish. Once the mega block of homework is done, they are little free. Outdoor play from 5 to 6 pm, then there is reading time, there is playing at friend’s house, helping mom at kitchen time, dinner table fun and arranging time, and family tv time too. If you learn to manage time in organized way, it’s a super successful strategy to do many things in a day.
  7. Do it because you believe in it : When Icome evening from school to my hostel room, just watching my bedspread ( green and blue bright one with flowers) so neatly organized will give me a happiness. Keeping my school bag in its place, and laundry in the bag, changing and going for playtime, I would feel super satisfied. Same little happiness I carry within today when I keep my saree wadrobe so organized and arranged in color order. In any excel sheet, the first row has to be in bold, blue backgroubd white font,calibri 11 and table bordered. This is a practice I follow even for my personal excels and I keep it organized not for anyone else’s it’s just a sense of satisfaction and little habits create this when we grow up.

So, I hope above tips were helpful and if you have more tips to keep your things organized especially to start from childhood, to tweens to teens to adult stage, do share in the comment section ! And thank you Miss Glitterandglam for pushing me to write this blog …

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