Simple Seven Tips : Level 2 The first milestone

Wow ! Your little have crossed the first quarter to her first birthday ! Isn’t it amazing ? Those dudu times, nappy changes on bed, midnight cries, etc. Wait.. The list is getting extended during the next phase : Level 2 . I call it “The first milestone”. Yes, your baby would be toppling during this phase, the nappy change doesn’t happen on where you plan, it happens where the baby turns and moves. The feeding time makes you an “action heroine” to ensure the baby is not distracted during feed time. Let me share the simple seven tips (based on my experience) which could be useful to you during this phase.

  1. Set up a Routine :  The baby’s transition from “Womb” to “world” is done during Baby_Routinefirst three months. Now your baby is ready to understand this world. She will definitely understand morning and nights and you can plan her sleep patterns , (special tip : Even if she wakes up in the night, have the mild night lamp lighting to play with her, slowly the baby will get used to the sleep timing).
  2. Give enough rest : This applies to both baby and mama. While I had mentioned in previous level “let the baby choose her nap time”. This doesn’t apply anymore. The growing active baby would be interested in cooing and playing and sometimes she doesn’t realise that she is tired. That is the task of you to figure out when to put her to sleep. And remember : At each stage, you can enjoy well only when you take enough rest. So, while she sleeps, c’mon shut down all your gadgets and snoar off 🙂
  3. 89d9b1320419c84df4bc086fcf5960e5The art of feeding : Your baby is growing, your baby starts seeing colours and objects around. So, when you start feeding, after the basic hunger is done, she might start looking around and play or see your face and do “aa aaa, burr burr” . That is a lovely thing for every mother. But, dont get mesmerised and stop feeding. Try to make it a closed place and focus to feed her full. Else, after 10 mins, again she gets hungry and again you become the cow. Maybe, thats why our ancestors used to feed wearing a saree as it naturally covers and doesn’t allow baby to get distracted. Another fact about feeding : Now anytime your baby cry is not for feeds, by this time you would be knowing when to open the ATM (Any Time Milk machine) and when not. So, enjoy feeding. I am someone who believes in exclusive breastfeed till baby is 6 months old so would suggest the same.
  4. Enjoy morning and evening walks : Yippiee.. the little pup is ready for the pram images-5walk. First few visits, the baby might not start looking around due to the new ambience and natural bright lighting. Don’t imagine that your baby doesn’t enjoy . Make it a practice and have a scheduled time. Do talk to the baby and tell her what she is seeing, “This is the sky, it is blue” “This is the garden, these are plants”, “See how butterfly flies” and the baby would love to hear these with cute modulations.
  5. 312ZGYFaQvLBathing can be much fun : Water is another toy to your baby. If the tub is comfortable and water is in the right temperature that suits your lil one, then she would not want to come out of her swimming pool. You can do bubble bath, splash lil water and even have a bath toy around. Be careful as your lil one’s head would not have been completely stable by this time.
  6. Talk and Reciprocate : Babies start saying “aaaaa , burr, gaga, doooo etc” those giggles are signing of her observing conversations around and your lil one has discovered that she can talk with her mouth. Encourage her, acknowledge when she makes sound. Talk back. Also, talk to her during your play times. Take a round inside the house, one day around living room, show her the photos, tell the stories, next day to study room, show her the books, next to kitchen, open the shelves and show her the vessels and the sounds from vessels. Remember :You are encouraging your baby’s growing brain and helping. And of course it is fun 🙂

  7. Activities : The only activity you can do with a new born is walk inside home and talk mildly. This stage there are quite a few activities which you can enjoy with your lil 3 to 6 months baby.

    • Read a story book (you can’t believe but you can start the habit of reading story books to your lil one right from now, observe how much she loves to see those colourful characters and listen to the modulation with which you read)
    • Peek a boo
    • As she topples, place toys and encourage her to grab them slowly (ensure she doesn’t topple right after feed )
    • Up and down (slowly take up and bring her down keep telling up down and play)
    • Giggle and laugh (laughing itself is a game for the baby)
    • Sibling time (Again it would be good if you start morning 10 mins and before sleeping 10 mins exclusive playing with sibling, that helps the bonding as well as both the kids would love to spend their OWN time. )

So, these are simple seven tips from me to enjoy with your 3 to 6 months  baby. Hope you loved them ! Happy Parenting 🙂
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