That Lost Thing by every woman

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“Every woman lost, loses and will lose something ? Whats that ?” Does this question come to your mind ? “Maybe her childhood? , Maybe her parents?, Maybe her soft toys?” – Are you guessing ? “NO” is my answer.
Childhood – yes everyone misses their childhood. But, we can make our mind like a child in any stage of life. Our smiles and carefree attitude can bring back those innocent child life sometimes. But the “teens life & post teens life” – that is what I am talking about. A life where a girl gets no “TO DO list”. Studies before exams, no household work, no children emotionally calling you home, parents to worry about her, her beauty and love is for some dream boy to admire – she enjoys that. Nothing in her agenda to worry about. Just freak out.29346269-Happy-teen-girl-holding-lipstick-and-looking-at-the-mirror-Stock-Photo.jpg Some girls love to just stay lazy on her bed. No need to plan for lunch , no need to clean something, no office meeting, no programming, no family responsibilities. All she loves to do is watch herself in the mirror – not to see where she has extra fat, not to  check if her skin has started wrinkles (this is the stage of life where she has best skin). She looks at the mirror and admires herself. Her eyes, her body, her hair, she admires as if she is a heroine. She dreams about the guy who is going to be her man, she will be all his. He will fall head over heels for her. She will be seeing the mirror dreaming of her future and blush all over. Oh, again she sees that her cheeks have gone pinkish and there will start another thread of dream. She doesn’t go to parlours for manicure and pedicure. She touches her nails, she files them , polish them, love them, touch them and smile at them. She loves to pay this utmost attention to everything about her.
She never knew that once she crosses that stage of life, she will lose this dreamy days for ever. Let her be married / unmarried / working / stay at home / mother / what ever – she will get a different role. She will be emotionally dependant on people in her life. She will be surrounded by responsibilities , all over. Her 24 hours break will have 48 stuffs she wants to do. Only when she sees her daughter or another girl in her teen stage of life, she gets a chance to recollect and realise the league of lost thing in her life is “that dreamy days of her teens”.  It is hard fact to think how, a cute girl once becomes a woman, loses her “dreamy days”.
Women reading the blog – Can you recollect your teen life ? 🙂

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  1. Still a teen, but not really in that oh-so-pretty category of girls. But yeah, all the same, sometimes even a smile is worth admiring in the mirror. 🙂

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