The anti-suicide letter

Dear whoever needs this,
Hi there!
I know you’re struggling. Trying really hard to keep up with the shenanigans of the world, people pretending like they’re better than you and sometimes sadly better off without you. I know they mock you for the extra bit of fat. I know
they call you a midget because you are just barely five feet tall. I know they compare your page 1 to somebody’s chapter 55. I know you’re teased for
wearing no make-up or for not being manly enough. I know you’re worth is being measured by the world based on your colour. But most importantly I know that you are not just your weight, colour, educational status, or the
assets you own; I know that you are a beautiful soul.
The world can be a pretty awful place to live in. Sadly, people believe that the secret to success is sabotage and try to maim you emotionally spewing words of derision, leaving you in tears. Sometimes, when things don’t go our way, we
tend to over-generalise it to the entirety of our lives. We’re so used to criticism from external sources that we end up becoming self-critical in anticipation, mentally preparing ourselves.
The beauty of human nature is that we’re fallible. One bad day doesn’t necessarily mean a bad life. One grade F on a test doesn’t make you an idiot.
One failed relationship doesn’t make you unlovable. The fact that nobody is perfect, albeit well known, still seems to be applicable to just us and not to the rest of the world.
At times we might feel like there is nothing we can do to salvage the situation, whatever it may be; but remember there is always a way. Nothing is worth killing yourself over and suicide is still murder. It is the death of your potential,
the possibilities of a beautiful future that seems to be bleak to you at this moment, but you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the famous Harry potter series, professor dumbledore tells harry what I consider as the best way to deal with such thoughts.

No, I am not going to be like everybody else asking you to calm down, or look for the silver lining in the cloud. I ask you to forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve made and stubbornly cling to, every shortcoming you think is what the
world will label you with. But please do remember, that even the tiniest of stars we see in the night sky have planetary systems revolve around them, it’s just the matter of finding the perfect telescope. You will find the telescope that
will show you your worth, don’t let an asteroid destroy your perspective.

Please stay. You are worth it. You are important. The world isn’t going to be the same without you.
Yours sincerely

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