The art of loving to cook

Important disclaimer : This blog is not about me 😀 Yeah, I do love to cook, I do enjoy cooking, but I really really envy this lady for her passion and art of cooking. 
I have a friend, well a Punjabi now a Malayali , whom I met as a Hyderabadi. Oh she is in Cochin now. Few years back, I know her as a nice girl who makes yummy cup noodles, hot tea, bread toast and all. Today while talking to her, I could see some Kerala Bhagavathi into her, she has become a master of the art – cooking.
Direct from her heart , as she spoke to me – about the love for cooking Kerala cuisines –

So after we moved to Cochin, Vishu time, Ranjit’s aunt came home and made few curries. I picked up from there as it became very easy to make other curries. The thing is I had good intention. We moved in with father in law very new. And genuinely wanted to learn cooking Kerala cuisines.. so dad (Father In Law) can feel more comfortable. And yes, he does 🙂 Finally no doubt, I enjoy cooking all these wonderful dishes. Even I enjoy eating them,gives motivation to cook more lol. On weekends, when hubby is home, I go overboard and make a buffet and he loves it. The happiness and satisfaction I get when these men in family are happy with the food is really awesome.
One of his Malayali friend came from Chennai last week, he had food and he was amazed. So I was like ‘okay, I guess I can cook well now, these guys are giving true compliments about my food then lol”
And I enjoy every bit of cooking these dishes. Starts from shopping vegetables and fish on weekends, because I plan a whole week’s meal. Though I feel I should get back to career and I need new things in life , this part called cooking – oh I enjoy this a lot for the reason of shopping, planning, choosing, cooking, seeing them enjoy the cuisine.

I am sure every lady who reads this can feel what I felt . All of us want to make that unique special excellent recipes we watch on cookery shows, but we end up making roti / idly with same coconut chutney. And Preet, my darling friend is an example of how we, every lady should love and learn the art of enjoy, the art of loving to cook. Look at the pics to get amazed !
Oh did you see the featured image – she runs in marathon too… A “Wow” woman for the day !
Not just cooking, she also decorated her nest with self made crafts ! Let me soon catch up with a blog on the same.. as of now get ‘wow’d with the pics

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