The big stage 

Yes ! “I want to be the winner on the big stage “.. Anyone who does anything out of passion and received acknowledgment feels they should shine on the big stage. Most of us do not reach that dream and hence we want our kids to reach the big stage.
Music : he should become a super singer , dance : India’s best dancer , karate or keyboard or chess – everything we do for our child has an aim of putting this left over big stage dream of ours  into our children. Few of the readers will not accept it but deepest of your heart will nod it’s head a little.
Winner Cup Prize Bowl Greek 1st place League accessory home decor accent decorative classic  vase trophy.jpga5bcb94a-59af-447f-84e8-09b981627648LargeAnd now , without entering into parenting advice mode, let me step a bit back and write about what is this big stage ? Not just for kids, even for ourself , when we do things with passion and we want to reach next level, there is a thirst and a struggle . Example : I love dancing, I conduct dance classes in my apartment for little ones , I wish I participate in some TV dance shows, sometimes I wish I had become a choreographer , oh why not open a dance school ? Ah! A small dance with Prabhu deva – aaaw , hey, how about releasing my own album ? Why can’t I try something international level ?
Suddenly I feel the thirst of my passion becomes greed . C’mon what’s greedy in this ? This is what they say “aim for the sky” right ? But the question is “will I feel satisfied after reaching that international level?” Answer is  No,the search for the big stage doesn’t stop. though it’s one way good to keep running, it’s more important to stop and enjoy the present.

There is a secret ! There is no big stage ! It is we who define the big stage. A small dance teacher who longs for more reach can become a super lady who carries her passion without affecting her family routine ! If I realise deep, this itself is a big stage for me . Human brain searches for more applause everywhere and hence we hunt for the big stage without realising that we do dwell on one !

Every housewife who hears the slurp sound when her husband finishes last piece of dinner – that’s a big stage for her . 
Every mother whose child asks her when he searches his books because the mother is the perfectionist – that’s a big stage for the mother. 
Every staff who is called first by his manager for any critical meeting – that’s a big stage for an employee.
This also applies to our children. For a child who never scored good marks, counting 1+1 during shopping is a big stage. 
Just like the saying ” it all depends on our mindset” , the big stage is also defined by our mind ! Just take a deep breathe , focus on what is your current big stage and enjoy the royal feeling 🙂 Cheers !

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