Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing fine. I’m back with my next blog after a long time so yeah we’ll jump right into it. There’s no denying that we Gen-Z have had the rough end of the pineapple. Recession, Brexit, Global pandemic, maybe another recession? A far cry from eat, sleep, rave, repeat. It is no wonder that we as a generation seek change in the society we live in.

We are brave and bold, unlike our parents and grandparents. Activism is the new influence. Even if it’s a small thing we wish to bring that change around us for the wellness of our society. We as a gen-z would not prefer using hashtags as a movement of protest instead we get onto the roads or speak about the cause of the problem. We as a generation stand up for what we believe in and we don’t give up until we achieve that. We as a gen-z don’t believe anything in a blindfolded manner instead we research and we become the change-making group. Starting from the Nirbhaya protest to the climate change protest it’s gen-z who’s taking an action for the better of the world.

When given a contest to invent something there’ll be a vast difference between gen-z and the millennials. Gen-Z tends to do something eco-friendly while millennials fail to do so and this has been proven. While there was a contest held to prove this gen-z kids came up with innovative ideas which became solutions to a number of the social and environmental issues we face in the 21st century.

We’ve always wanted to speak out and make a change in the society we live in. Right from breaking stereotypes of only boys should ride bikes to do whatever we like and follow our passion we’ve done it all. While being in a misogynist society, we’ve always seen everything as “equal”. As young people’s we’re often told that we’re lazy, entitled that we simply don’t care, the recent youth led-climate strikes have indicated who we truly are. Even if the global pandemic hits us, we find ways to engage ourselves and make the best out of the time.

I personally believe that we are witnessing the rise of a new generation. A generation that is not willing to accept the world as it is, and that believes we can address the challenges the world faces today, and that will do whatever we can to make the change we want to see and live by it.


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