Hello readers welcome back to my next blog. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the art of pretending that we all mastered as a gen-z kid. I mastered the skill of pretending to be okay when I’m not okay.

As I grew up I realized few things not everyone wishes good for me and that the world I have been dreaming of is a mere illusion. Not everyone cares about if you are okay so it’s better to say that you’re okay when you’re not okay. I started learning this skill when I was in high school where different kinds of circumstances surrounded me when I didn’t expect it to happen. Starting from friendship betrayal, first love, infatuation, academics, peer pressure, and whatnot.

Pretending might seem like a simple word but as a gen-z kid, it has become a way of life. Even this skill has a saturation point where we can no longer pretend that we’re doing good in front of the so-called society. I started wanting attention to my unattended emotions that I kept to myself. How long can a person pile up his/her emotions without accepting the truth? The person you’re in love with loves somebody else, parents who don’t understand what you’re going through to sit till 3 am doing nothing and that you have a hard time making friends who don’t betray you at one point in time. Despite all that you still find a way to put up a smile on your face as if nothing happened and that you’re just fine. All these hurt in silence.

There were/are days when/where I wanted to scream my heart out to the people who misjudged me, broke me, hurt me when I needed them the most. As I grew up true love became a word that cannot be reached even if I take steps to reach it as there are a majority number of people who don’t treat people with kindness. I was angry at the fact that no matter how kind I am to others people always give me sad memories to hold on to instead of happy ones. There were days when I cried hugging my pillow but woke up and put up a smile on my face as if nothing happened. I know it’s the same for everyone out there but why is it that people always distance themself from what they want, when they can confide in the one that they love.

I’ll not say I’m the nicest human on the earth but I’m still human. A human who asks for the attention that she craves for, the love and care she longs for. All that I ask for is acceptance of being myself instead of trying to pretend to be someone else and putting on a fake smile in front of millions who fail to see the person behind my masks. We all make mistakes but we also strive to make things right despite our sufferings because it is what makes us, it’s who we truly are.

All that we long for is that one hug from the one you need saying it’s okay to be not be okay. All that we long are to be the person who’s being loved instead of being the person who pretends to be okay.

Thank you for reading my blog I hope every gen-z kid would have related to this one because it’s quite close to my heart. Stay tuned for the next blog until then bye. Be kind and be grateful.


  1. Oh yeah…🥺
    We are the real actors 🌚

    • We truly are!

  2. Awesome gal…but at times its okie not to be okie and let the world know about it…why to put a fake smile on ur face at least not infront of ur parents and closed ones…..

    • Agreed but sometimes it happens even if you don’t want it to happen too.

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