The great admirer “Ilayaraja” evergreen songs

Music constantly delivers high-quality peace and a great smile on our faces. Especially in terms of Isaignani Ilayaraja songs, we get immersed within the dream world. I hope that you loved the songs mentioned in the previous blog; If you haven’t listened to those songs, then it’s not late. You can check out the same here. A few more added to that list which turns out as an evergreen playlist. 

No one could overlook the movie ‘Thalapathi’ starring Mammootty and our Superstar. While the film is pictured as based on friendship, love performs its role amazingly. The song ‘Sundari Kannal oru Sethi’ became a mantra for the younger generations. Not only 90’s youngsters, it does the magic to all of the ages. SPB and Chitra’s voice mesmerizes the listener alongside the music. Don’t miss to listen when you can spare 3 minutes. 

From the film Kadlora Kavithaigal the song ‘Adi Aathaadi’ is sung by our Mastero Ilaiyaraja and S.Janaki. In this particular film, Sathyaraj acted as an innocent guy (Chinnappadas) who gets an opportunity to meet his soul of love through Jennifer teacher at school. She was the one who was concerned about him and gave a sound scolding and made him realize his place. His innocence became explicitly captured within the song of Isaignani. This music facilitates the hero to express his characterization expertise, which became a big hit back then. To listen, click here:

‘Idhayam’ is a romantic drama starring Murali and Heera Rajagopal. All the songs composed in this movie by our music maestro have become a favorite in my playlist. The love between the couple was found after a misunderstanding. ‘April Mayilae pasumaiyeilae’ song was composed for the scene when college reopens. It clearly expresses the feelings of youngsters, and the song ‘Oh party Nalla party thaan’ does it surprises the audience in another way. Besides that, ‘Pottu vaitha oru nila’ is the song that expresses the beauty of the heroine by a hero who is yearning to confess his love to her. Click here to listen:

If you are puzzled to choose a song to listen to during travel, I would suggest beautiful choices. It is equal to meditation when you close your eyes and listen to these mesmerizing songs. It recharges you whenever you feel down and helps to be more romantic. Stay tuned to get further precious collections of Ilaiyaraja.

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