The hundred little flames of light

I logged in to indiblogger site after long time. And after 5 mins of browsing, I noticed this contest / drive and the title was very catchy #Ahundredlittleflames. It is a contest for the book recently published by Author Preeti Shenoy. The trailer was very impressive.  And here I am, recalling those little flames in my life that could have burnt me, but have been fine tuned as “flames of lights” in my life.
Like most of my days, I met a new friend yesterday as well. As we introduced each other and started knowing more about our interests, she was amazed to know that I am a successful, working mother with 2 kids, blogger, dancer, had been constantly pursuing my passion. She has heard from me through a common friend, who was very inspired by my book published (GET READY LADY , Joining work after a break). And her exact lines of surprise was “Knowing you more , what inspires me Narmadha, is that you do not complaint about life ,you are really a happy person. When two, especially two women start talking, within few minutes, our common cribs would be how difficult is the life of a mother / how we are treated as daughter in law, or neighbourhood gossip. I realise that last one hour of conversation was totally cheerful with you”. Her big eyes, and nice smile made me witness how truly she meant it.
Now, this is a proud share indeed. But there is also something more into what she said.  This happy person is not just lucky / special fortunate soul to have a perfect life.

  • I have faced loneliness, which made me socialise more so I ensure loneliness does not attack me.  
  • I have been blamed falsely by closed ones, that I learnt not to run behind people, proving my side. 
  • I have been harassed, that now I realise how to be bolder and stronger. 
  • I have been taken for granted , which taught me where to draw a line and not let people beyond.
  • I have been bombarded with advices and opinions and one day I realised I was a fool emotionally getting attacked by these opinions, and started making decisions for my life.
  • I have faced cruelty which showed me the value of treating people kind in life.
  • I have been left unnoticed and not cared, that helped me notice little nice things in every person , every thing I see in life. 
  • I have touched the verge of “Oh, this is end of life” and later understood that it was just my assumption, and whatever happens, life moves on.
  • I have been used as a dice for few people’s games in life that I realised games are no more fun and started living a real life , my own life of spreading positivity.
  • I have been judged unnecessarily that now I don’t care for unnecessary things in life.

Now, these are the moments / incidents of flames in my life. The flames that made me cry, the flames that made me fear. The flames that tried getting me depressed. There were high chances for me to be broken.
But, a little will power, a little wise thought, a little hope and beautiful people to look up to – with this we can convert the flames of burning into flames of lights.
Today I am kind, positive, bold, strong, social, hopeful, strict, non judgemental and most importantly happy – because I have experienced the other side of all the above, and trust me, it is not worth! 🙂 So, my dear friends, flames come running towards us in life. It is in our hands, to get burnt or get light from it. Cheers ! Stay happy !
Few of my own quotes, flames of light moments –
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