The Lucky Me !

Do you have the below mentioned girls in your life ?
Girl 1 : A little sister with whom you argue a lot, really lot. She says this is right and you scold her trying to prove she is wrong. She likes a dress and you say its yucky. You and she hit each other and fight. Yet, you both love each other endless, you will always stand and support for each other, you wear same same dresses and take smiley selfies 🙂
Girl 2 : A best friend with whom you share the secrets of your life. Let it be your childhood days / your teenage thoughts / about the roadside romeos who were behind you / recent personal stuffs and gossips – there is one bestie with whom you love chit chatting all these.
Girl 3 : A companion, with whom you can never get bored. You talk the craziest jokes on earth, blabber all funny things and laugh till your stomach hurts.
Girl 4 : A well wisher  in life , whom you know that she will be the happiest soul to hear something nice happening in your life. You need not fear of dhristi / vengeance or any negative energy from her. Even if she hears that you had your favourite food that day, she will be happy for you.
Girl 5 : A fan. Whatever small talent you have, you become a celebrity to her eyes. She is a big fan of you totally and keeps appreciating your good work. This fan also acts as a critic to help you grow better. The greatest admirer of you.
Girl 6 : A guide , whom you know that you can approach her when you want a clear decision. Someone who is well experienced and also since she is someone who knows you better. So, when you are in a dilemma , she can guide the right path in your life.
Girl 7 : A daughter, who is very naughty and who tests your patience, who gets scolded by you one minute and gets your hug next minute. Your doll.
Girl 8 : A role model , whom you look up to in your life. She inspires you as a woman, in your career, in your behaviour, being self confident and independent. You learn how to lead , how to be happy and how to be successful from her.

The AstaLakshmi of my Life

So, the lucky me has the above mentioned as “8 in 1 combination” in a single soul , this precious lady – My mom is My AstaLakshmi. Yes, this lady in my life is a super power lady who is my sister, bestie, companion, well wisher, my fan, guide, daughter, my role model – A mother , who is a symbol of unconditional love and who gives the best to her daughter always.
Hello : There is one lady whom she cannot replace , thats her mother , my grandmom. But am sure, she is such a special pampering grandmother to my children 🙂

Why this blog ?
 We all love our mother so very much, but rarely we spend any time and effort to express this love to her , to show what she means to us. She is the one who taught us how to express our emotions to others, yet we forget to show that to her most of the times. “A little kiss and hug” can make her the happiest person rather saying “Thank you”.
So why wait ? Take a minute to give a msg / phone / blog / rose / a hug to your mom and tell her how much she means to you !!!

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  1. Awesome Narmadha. Very well expressed. Iam sure your mom too feels the same about you.
    Best mom and best daughter

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