The secret of energy

“How are you just so energetic Narmadha? You appear fresh and recharged always , I feel jealous. Won’t you ever get tired or old?” – These are compliments that I carry on my invisible tiara with happiness. But I always wondered, is it true ? Back home, I am this lazy fellow who sits in the cushion not ready to get up until my throat is all dried crying for water. And I feel guilty when such compliments come, because I am not this 24 / 7 energetic lady as others think. And I have been gobbling and wobbling into this cycle of ‘happy for compliments’ yet ‘my lazy wrapped under a blanket’ times. In a day of blogging, working, cooking, playing with kids, bringing my RJ wit, doing my piece of painting and still, I find some time to just doing noting .. Being lazy and disconnected is part of my piority list infact. But I must agree, when I exhibit the energy, it splashes like soda can. What is the secret? What can possibly be the secret ? Is there ever a secret ? I was breaking my head into pieces and before the last piece is broken, I met this 10000 wala cracker energy lady who is the dance master in mindfit workshop. The dance session is named “Dance for Joy” and the Joy comes from the instructor “Deepanwita Roy” . She kind of cleared the doubts and dilemmas that was breaking my head.

She also broke the jewels in my invisible tiara by making me less energetic and I loved it;) The important definition of energy is consistency, from beginning till end. Pop into the dance class by 9 and all of us will look with same smiles and energy and excitement. Drop in around 9.20 – few of us will be carrying the same energy and drop in by 9,40 – you will see one or two folks with ‘alive’ face,. And look at the trainer by 10, she will be recharged with same energy for next class. I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “how are you so very awesome and full of energy ?” (she is the third person in my life to whom I have asked this question).

She casually said I think I save my energy by being this silent dull girl outside and then use my energy only when needed so it gets best. How true ! The little casual sentence with her cute smile has a lot of meaning within. And I started introspecting further.

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Now let us switch the focus from both of us towards you, the readers. Think or list down how much of your energy is spent on irrelevant things which doesn’t add value at all. It includes worrying on family issues which you very well know has no solution (or) poking into other team member’s performance and comparision which is zero value to your career growth (or) neighbourhood gossips (or) cribbing on social economical political problems of the world where we don’t have the patience to follow traffic rules ourself. (or) simple but most energy draining – fb feed, insta stories , whatsapp status of those who don’t matter to you, just because you saved their number/profile it reflects on your phone and you read through what they ate, whom are they wishing for their birthday. Add the time you spent on all the above and see how many hours per day is just draining your battery for no use. If one can save this energy by just doing nothing, lazy, dull, calm, blank, simple – that itself is a meditative effect – it is not the “focus on self” kind of meditation, but “cut the nonsense” kind of meditation which is all the required secret to energy.

And last but not least – hydrate yourself well, eat well, sleep atleast 6 to 8 hours a day, always keep smiling and take care -Oh these are the finishing lines of the energy bomb Deepanwita Roy 🙂 Energy includes health too.

And here is the pic of us.. This is me after one dance class and she after few 😀


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