"The self-help guide for women to rejoin work" says Ayeshwarya in her book review

Motherhood is bliss! Looking at the little bundle of joy, our heart swells with pride and warmth. That moment every woman vouches to be an epitome of motherhood.  If it had been a movie, we can put an END with a note  “HAPPILY EVER AFTER”. In reality, life changes for good. Post Pregnancy woes are part of every woman and how she handles it is left to her discretion.
Inexplicable moods swings and apprehensiveness clutters our brain.  Trust me our spouses/friends/parents are a bad resort. Here comes the self-help guide, GET READY LADY written by Mrs.Narmadha Kamalakannan comes handy to our rescue. This book helps us to channelize our thoughts and identify the deadlock that stops us from moving ahead. Narration is simple and free flowing. One best thing about the book, the author keeps us hooked to the book with simple exercises and funny snippets from her life.
Author does not talk about what is right or wrong about being a working mother. Rather she gives it to every mother to make a choice of her own by questioning herself. Author has diligently presented facts collected that give a glimpse into thinking pattern of the majority.
Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 7.01.26 pmHave we ever pondered about why want to abandon our career after becoming a mother? Chapter 1 deals with an unbiased introspection with no preconceived notions. This helps you identify yourself and your impetus to work or anything for that matter.  Also, elaborates on multi tasking without feeling guilty.
Motherhood gives birth lot of qualities. Paranoia is one among them ☺. When Plan A does not work, we have Plan B. One day we will reach Plan Z too. In Chapter 2, author gets you a holistic view every single thing that needs to be taken care of.  Also she lists down a guided approach to a trigger your hidden passion. Get your passion paid, and then nothing can stop you from pursuing that. She also reiterates on being deaf sometimes. More you try to please other you will be displeased ☺.
Chapter 3 gives you great tips on work life balance. While you restart your great journey be watchful always.
Get ready lady, amuses us with her reasoning and witty writing. To buy   the book, order on amazon, flipkart , kindle or click here – https://www.educreation.in/store/get-ready-lady-narmadha-kamalakannan.html
Way to go, Narmadha!

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