"This book gives you solution, tips n trick,even kicks" says SAI in her BOOK REVIEW : GET READY LADY

Returning to work after an extended break is rarely easy. As mothers, we often make decisions that we believe to be best for our children, but not always the best for ourselves. We often make compromises, we give up everything, our interests, our career to provide everything to our kids. Why do we woman choose this path of sacrifice? May be your own choice or may be someone else’s . What should we do? How do we bounce back ?
This book GET READY LADY will give you each and every step for you to pursue your identity. Especially for many of those women who feel they don’t have a choice when it comes to child care. It is a good read for every woman specially for those who are struggling to get back to work, get back their identity and missing it deep inside with pain.
Parenthood especially motherhood is all about sacrifices. We sacrifice our career , our financial Independence, outings, unplanned parties just for the sake of our children. The author Narmada tries to make us realise that we are in an internet era. We are in a “Anything is possible” attitude. There are various options we can choose yet can continue our lifestyle. All we need is determination and rigour to search. The small tables & exercises guides us in our own way.
Once you are a mother everything changes. My personal experience :-). Motherhood is absolutely beautiful. But at the same time it is exhausting, full of fear, nervousness. All these emotions or we can say new mom hormonal changes comes as package with your bundle of joy. As time passes like say 1st year we get used to with the same routine. Bath time, Nap time, feeding time, play time, etc. 2nd year almost same with additional responsibilities of Play school. And it goes on. I feel every single mother faces this kind of situations. But don’t you think that you guys are loosing something? Losing something very important in your life?
Think think…I can tell you..!!!!!
We keep struggling between relationships as mother, as wife, as daughter and daughter in law. Have you ever struggled for yourself. I am sure no…never.
So GET READY LADY..GET READY TO PRIORITISE YOURSELF. GET READY TO FIGHT FOR YOURSELF. That is what this book GET READY LADY gives you every single solution, tips n trick and even kick.
I can say A MUST READ for everyone. It will surely clear your dilemma between personal and professional life. While reading it self it made me cry. A book with full of inspiration full of real life stories which will surely give you KICK.. 🙂

A strong woman is the one who can dare to raise her voice for the cause she believes in, and this strength lives in a corner in every womens heart, it just needs to be searched

Happy Reading everyone🙂

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