This guy is fooling me…

Love is blind ! And being blind you easily get fooled !
Sometimes, during mid night , rainy times, with nice music background, I get into deep analysis, why did I fall  in love with him ?
He was a school friend of mine and a neighbour, with whom I lost contact for 3 years during adolescene , when we met after long time, it was a lovely ego that emerged…
“U can call me if you want, 277906 is my landline number”, he said in a manly tone, though he was not even 20 then.
Amongst the guys who chase behind me, give anonymous calls, keep invading my space, I found this egoistic idiot different.
“why should I ?” , the lady ego in me replied and I went back putting the attitude on my face…
Next day, I just got bored and dialled the number, he picked up the call and said “Yes I know its you, tell me “
I was shocked to surprise , oh yes, felt like a first time hug 🙂 and then we continued chatting, talking and fell in love over the period of time.. Every time I asked him how could he just pick up and guess its me, he would just smile and say “…Because I Love U”
Fraud never told me he had a caller id and that part dint strike me too 😉 Love is blind and foolish you see !
Its been 13+ yrs since he fooled me first.. We are married for 6+ yrs blessed with 2 kids..
Yesterday was a rainy evening , I was bored and tired, kept calling him to check where he is, as it was getting late..  “Office meeting”, he told his usual answer, though I could hear some background noise.
I was annoyed, angry, lying inside the bedroom, my son playing in living room, suddenly I could hear silence in the house, after 2 mins, my son came inside the bedroom carrying a big gift of photo frame with collage of my fav pics, telling “Advance happy birthday amma”… Yes June 3rd is my birthday and the gifting session started on June 1st 🙂
As anger was in peak, it suddenly turned on to emotions seeing the surprise given by sweet idiot, tears rolled on my cheeks, smiles flourished beyond my jaws, I shouted at him in a sweet high tone “Why do u like irritating me” , he just put the same naughty smile and said “….Because I Love U”
Getting fooled is not always bad, sometimes such silly things in life bring big packets of surprise, I still dont know why I fell in love with him, but one thing I am sure that is loving him is the best part of my life… He fools me for making my little moments sweeter, but ensures he is a pillar of support during tough times , he did not fool me there…
Its good to be yourself, good to be foolish, crazy and mad with someone in life ! He is your Mr.Right !
So, have you been fooled again by someone ? 😉 Happy love life 🙂
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