To the next gen IRAIVI

It is 4 and half months since “IRAIVI” movie got released. The movie had multiple reviews including positive and negative comments. This was definitely not upto the mark of Jigarthanda and Pizza, not a Kartik Subburaj authentic one. But, what is nice about the movie ? The message is “oh lady, don’t depend on men, live your own life”. A normal well wisher message from a common gentle man. But, the way it has been portrayed is interesting. The story and entire movie revolves around three men actually. The story line can be captured as a separate movie itself, without showing the female emotions. But, what the director had implied is that ‘whatever we do, we show an image that women are dependant on men and somehow the man has to adjust or understand or become a great person by understanding the lady of his life. Does the vice versa happen ? Do women are spoken great when they understand men and allow them to work or when they take care of household while the guy goes to work ?  this is an unwritten rule imposed on her”.
Now.. this is not a movie review… this is the IMPACT of the movie. I see every movie (includes hollywood bollywood ALLywood) has the main plot as  hero based where there is a lady character to add glamour or emotion to the story. Now, after watching IRAIVI I started paying more attention to the heroine story plot. Example : Take the story plot of slumdog millionaire movie. Think of Latika’s role, imagine this as a main plot. See where she has been used by the society and how important her life is in the movie.  So, I was getting this habit of imagining more on the female plots in every movie. That is when PINK movie got released. This is a story about women – harassment, the unsaid rules about women in our society, why should people throw opinions and pass judgements on a woman while they dont have to do that with men ?
So, the thought started with IRAIVI showing lifestyle of normal women, rural women, playing roles of wife and mother.. and the thought got stronger with PINK movie, showing lifestyle of modern women, independent girl. I am frustrated at some point of time, on how to eradicate this stress the society throws on women. Rather, how women are going to be carefree for the stress, End of the day – we have something special, elegant and beautiful. Men admire it, men enjoys it, men threatens us by destroying it. We have seen below campaigns a lot but I guess we can’t save ourselves from so many Raavan in the world. The ratio between Ram and Raavan in the society is very little.
I want to type asking all women to be bold, asking all women to be independent and strong and be a leader in her own life.. but when I imagine a dark night with a woman walking alone in a lonely street with two drunk men , smoking and starring at her, I can’t ask her to be strong or independent or brave there. We all know the hard truth.

So, to all women – be wise, stay safe where you have to and stay smart where you have to ! Dont be the dependent person waiting for signals, draw your own rules. Respect elders, but listen to yourself. Conquer the world, chase your dreams, make sure the path you travel to win is really safe for you.  Jumping on dirty water to clean it will make you dirty sometimes. So, let us -this generation women teach the right motivation to next generation women ! Lets neither threaten them but definitely nor give them a wrong opinion about the hard fact. 

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    • Good and new info to me Aneesh , thanks. The blog content is directed for normal women and girls who are beyond these knowledge

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