We can't sh&!t it out

No it’s not about constipation ! It’s something weird to accept yet lovely to admire ! 
We are the generation with a combination of values , decency, trend , extroverted mind.. In Tamil they say “aathula oru kaal, sethula oru kaal” which means “in between” ! Yes, we are .. 
How ever bold girl I am, the moment a dirty guy hits my shoulder on the road, I don’t instantly show my middle finger and slap. I take a minute to react 
However western thoughts a guy has, when his office demands him to work on a holiday, he cannot reply saying “it is his personal time and he won’t work” 
Yes! We are this generation .. Maybe we are the last in this type.. 
Wait – do u wonder why I have such a title ? Recently I was going thru a social networking site of a 15 year old boy .. Was almost in a heart attack for a day looking at how he and the whole age group is so straight forward! Then I started checking on many profile of that age group, more than 70% have the words sh&t, f**k, damn,etc in their status and when you annoy their happy post, dare not to see the reply. I am sure this is how we also feel when someone annoys us, but we are grown up in a circle and a culture that we can’t post them directly.
Now let’s not focus or get fancied by the usage of bad words in this young age! No that’s not my point ! My point is the attitude , of speaking out , the attitude of fighting to do what I want to do, the no-fear attitude . Truly speaking every step I have taken and then stopped at a point has atleast one reason – “oops what will they think, I have my responsibilities , why take risk by letting my opinion ” I wish if i had that superb attitude of gen Z, I would have been even mad but with more success . 
  Today’s greatest advantage for kids is the gadgets , Internet . When my son asks me a question and I say I don’t know, he says Google and check mama. He teaches my parents how to use smartphone , when he has doubts on prepositions he checks online if it’s correct. Oh yeah , he is 6 yrs old. 
Now let’s not wear that parenting hat. Let’s get into admiration and learning mode. I love their confidence and attitude , however I agree they lack the nativity , they lack the culture part , it’s good to have some emotional attachments on life.. The trend is slowly reducing these stuffs.. But we have to definitely show hats off for the smart attitude , learn to be mad and define our own success. And yeah, in this competitive world, this is much needed for happy survival… 
Start admiring the next generations and grow young 🙂 like me!! Write down some incident or a character that u admired recently from the younger generation.  

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