What can be better this New Year ?

Answer the blanks… Its a lovely new year ! But, would be great if…

Is there anyone who has no points to fill those blanks ? All of us can think of what can be better, what was missing this new year? How to make it nicer etc..
We are humans and its not easy to get contented. But all I did by 12 o clock this new year was thinking of those many many people, who dont have homes to sleep, those kids in orphanage who dont even know the concept of celebrating new year, those farmers who work all days of the year still do not have proper food for survival and many countries with extreme poverty and worse natural calamities. So, at times, compare yourself with people less happier than you and Thank God for what ever you are today ! Thank your parents for the life they gave you and the talent they imbibed in you !
What can be better this New Year ? SATISFACTION ! So, have a hearty, satisfied and very happy New Year 2016 Everyone 🙂

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