What do you fear?

Fear ! A human emotion that all of us try to overcome and kick out. 

Stage fear – though we know that the audience are not going to kill us if we stammer a bit and a presentation without fear is the best, however stage fear happens.

Parental fear – We know every second the Earth sees children born and growing. And when we become parents,we fear what if the child talks late, walks and falls, eats stuff that spoil and with every phase, the fear takes a different avatar. Again we all know that certain hiccups across a child’s stages are common.  Yet we fear.

Financial fear – Simple yet common mantra all know is that we don’t carry any money after life passes. Money is important but it is not everything. Yet, we fear on making right investments,we fear to ensure our future generations are out of financial problems,we fear for monthly balance on our accounts. Multiple versions on financial fear.

Work Fear – Every individual’s reason to work is different,some work for career ambition,some for salary, some as a passion,some just not to lose an identity, some for power, some for the team synergy. And we forget that the other colleague need not have the same reason as us. And we fear on misunderstanding, we fear if work will not happen smooth,we fear a lot to sustain the work and relationships at workplace.

Emotional Fear – This is more applicable with our loved ones. We don’t want to lose people, and the love. When I got married , I expected my husband to be closer to me than his sister. When my brother got married, the same me expected my brother to stay close to me as always. And that’s when I realized how mad this human emotions are, especially with fear and possessiveness. I learnt the importance of letting go and giving space ( in this case,both my husband and my brother ). All of us make similar mistakes ,in friendship,with parents, in laws, love too. Fear ! 
We can go on mentioning the types of fear,but I have taken the major categories and penned them above. So, what do you think am gonna suggest ? To stop fear ? To overcome Fear ? NO !

A recent event,I heard a leader talk about being independent. He mentioned a statement ” Fear is normal, we are animals and fear is the basic instinct of any human.” This line is the trigger for me to think of writing this blog. Few days back, a female younger colleague gave me a compliment “People can just see confidence in your eyes Narmadha, let it be any situation, you handle without fear” While I was super happy to hear that, I asked myself, ‘Do i really not fear anything’. Bold things I have done in life,personal and professional – no one can believe that I fear someone or something. The ‘someone’ part is true, I only respect people , never do anything because I fear someone.  

But connecting both statements that motivated me to write this blog – Ofcourse I fear for things. I agree,we humans are just upgraded versions of animals. And fear – a basic instinct for animals to live. A deer fears when it hears the tiger around. It runs,it runs for life and that’s the way it lives. A dog fears faith. It makes sure it never offends its master and ensures to shower the master with affection. That’s the way a dog becomes family.
I fear. I fear if fear will drown me,so I run away from reasons, to overcome the fear like a deer. I don’t give a reason to stop me – I fear if I will become one of the boring people who fear to take action and doubt success. I fear if I will allow negative energy to get near me. Rather, I run away to make a warrior our of me. I run towards positive energy.

And this “I” is not just me. Every parent, who realizes when to control and when to let the child grow naturally, have channelized their parenting fears successfully. Every person who studied in mother tongue medium and today able to confidently present in client meetings, have adopted to the changes that fear portrayed. Every human who is able to take a vacation and relax, inspite of the financial fears are those who have beautifully balanced the art via fear.
So, friends – based on ‘tried and tested’ case, let me tell you confidently that FEAR is normal. Do you fear people,emotions,work,finance,failure?? It is absolutely the right and human emotion. But make sure you embrace fear, make sure you channelize your fear. Run away from negative side of fear and focus towards reaching success and happiness. May fear be the positive drive for your smile and happiness. Recalling every fear that has chased me in the past, let me confidently tell you that Fear can be a drive for your achievements. Cheers !

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