What is your share to the New Beginning

Did you hear about the hashtag #NewBeginning ? We have started accepting the changes to our lives and society post Corona and this is called as a New Beginning. I am a person who introspects and grows with the results. Three important incidents that has triggered me to bring this blog to you readers.

1.This is a Saturday, earlier the routine would be meeting some friends in apartment, cooking for family, pending work at home, an evening outing to a shopping mall or ice cream parlour. But, after lockdown, while the indoor routines continue, the outdoor routines are now “old memories”. But today is a different Saturday. Very productive and special one indeed. I was privileged to be part of the FDP workshop organized by Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Engineering, Perambalur, inviting lecturers and professors across other colleges of Tamilnadu.

I was confident about my content, but was still in a dilemma about the participants (who are going to play the role of students for an hour). Will they be sincerely listening ? Will they find the concepts useful ? Will they apply these learnings? And the session is just over – oh, they were a fantastic engaging audience, who were highly interactive through digital channels and participated with enthusiasm. A big credits to the management and facilitation team for handling technicalities very smoothly.

And then it made me think. Why should all 100 of them invest their Saturday in attending a webinar? Because they wanted to upgrade themselves to this new beginning of digital era. Because of their sincere and positive attitude to the changing educational methods and they also understand that they play a vital role in this.

2.The next incident is about the personal best day for me in 2020. It was my birthday (Lockdown birthday) and clearly the locks were not for the ideas of my loved ones. This is the year where I received maximum online wishes and tags on fb and insta. Linkedin followers with a special note and the highlight was how the little ones in neighborhood triggered their creative hats and partnered with my better half to get video wishes from my friends, mentors and special messages from my parents. They also composed a medley song and choreographed a birthday dance , everyone were in purple , my favorite color. I was so touched and melted by this unconditional innocent love. It was all organized by one master planner, my darling Keethu who is in higher secondary school along with her gang of little buds. Keeping social distancing and limitations in mind, they embraced the best possible ways to make my day very special. Who would have imagined a lockdown birthday to be the best birthday ever ? But, that is what positive attitude and energy all about right ?

3. My children’s online classes have commenced and while I observe how the school is attempting and trying to get accustomed to this mode of education, I also see how teachers are struggling to manage and students trying to find moments to excite them into this. There is a force or mandate to make this work and this force is getting into a pressure. We, as parents are also understanding that the school and teachers need some time to try and test this new models.

Now, back to the main theme of the blog, glad to see that over the last few months, we have increased youtube channels, fb live sessions, webinars on multiple self development courses and new recipes made, new home decors, fun photoshoot with kids and pets. Most importantly a strict hygiene followed- There is one group in society who understand that the biggest impact of Covid is not just the disease but also about the lifestyle change – Social, economical, political, mental, physical changes in lifestyle. From rural places till metro society, there is a huge change. We have no chance / choice of ignoring this and going back to normalcy. So, better accept and embrace it with best possible ways. They learn to upskill themselves , they invest time in accepting and bringing betterment in their personal and professional life. They learn to enjoy this newbeginning.

There is another group in society who are being critical to everything around. Let it be a government policy or rule, let it be the online learning, or the quality checks in business, retail and food based industry especially – there is a group who demotivates either vocally or creates memes and jokes around. But, the question is how are they coping up with the changes ? It is the same society and same barriers to their life as well. Carrying a negative attitude to this simply delays and decays your growth and happiness. There is no pressure to achieve something during lockdown season, let us remember that we are not competing anyone here but there is also no reason to discourage the ones attempting.

So, take some time to introspect which category you fall into, embracing the digital era due to Covid times. List down what are the new routines / habits you have started and how much efforts are you making to be happy and the people around happy too? Because all your little sprinkles of positivity today will be a huge contribution to the new world when we evolve through this.

Stay safe!

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  1. Best wishes,
    It is natural to have two sides in all aspects,
    Accept as it is.

  2. A very relatable and insightful blog Narmadha. We are adapting to the new beginnings and of course it has its own pros and cons. But the best part is that we are getting lot of opportunities to attend lot of sessions online which we couldn’t in person. Earlier it was going out, meeting friends, watching a movie in a theatre, shopping which were the modes of relaxation/ happiness after a week full of chores. Now we are finding happiness in spending time with family, doing the household chores and tasks which we have never done before the pandemic. A great change indeed. But along with enjoying this new beginning, I still have a portion of my heart hoping everything to get back to the old normal.

    • Thank you Aneeta, the positive spirit that you possess is amazing

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