Whats the big hallaa bullah about birthdays ?

I believe I am one of the most qualified person to write a blog about birthdays. My husband’s birthday is in the month of January. My kids’s birthdays in October and November. July, Oct & May has our parents birthdays & anniversary. 12 months, 365 days, I enjoy spending time on thinking and customizing the plan for my loved one’s special days.
“You crazy? What will you plan so much ? OMG “, asked many of my friends, just like you. Planning for a loved one’s birthday doesn’t have to involve money or time, not even detailed plan or any booking. We all grow up, every birthday has a little change in one. Understanding how they have grown up in this one year, what are their new or change of interest and telling them how special they are , on their D day is a little thrill for me. It is about getting even closer to your closed ones and making their day really special.
Here are series of info from personal experience below 🙂

  1. My childhood birthdays : I am not from a very rich family background , just the only daughter of a normal middle class family. However busy life was, my parents ensured our birthdays are prioritized and celebrated special. Then we had a little habit of surprising each other during birthdays. Now, when I recall, every birthday celebration gives me loads of smiles, I can re-feel the hugs and wishes and smiles.
  2. My happy parents : My first gift to my dad from my piggy bank saving was a vest for him 🙂 that is what I could afford in third grade savings money then. But the happiness that I got something for my daddy was very very special. My grandfather (mom’s dad) was the only breadwinner in his family , still he used to ensure that kid’s birthdays had some sweet prepared and a new dress. My mom is close to 60 years now but still she becomes her dad’s little girl when she talks proud about that memory. 900-57571201-group-senior-people.jpg
  3. Birthdays with friends : All of us have some memory or other with birthday bashes, parties, bumps to friends on their birthdays. Especially, college / hostel life is full of such memories. Switching off lights and slowly gathering with a candle to wake up the friend, singing, hugging, going crazy – there are different versions all of us would have experienced.
  4. Birthdays now : When I was a little girl, I asked my mom, “Whats the big hallaa bullah about birthdays? Why do we celebrate it like a festival mom ?” and mom was getting ready to work, in a hurry she replied, “We should celebrate everyday with loved ones, but it is practically not possible right ? Thats why atleast one day, on our birthdays we make them feel special and celebrate with love”, she ran away to catch her bus. That left a deep thought inside me.

How true it is that, who doesn’t want to enjoy and nourish life with loved ones ? But, we got things to do, goals to reach, ambitions to run. So, atleast one day in 365 we can throne our loved ones with a crown and show them how special they are. We grow up, we run behind success, targets, tensions, loans, searching for big things like the meaning of life etc.. But, also as part of growing up we get many people in our life, family, many many friends – at work, at neighborhood, few relatives – the circle of friends are very big and some are like train journey, staying close for few years.
2 things I have realized and changed my mind which had made me feel more happy about my friend’s birthday

  1. I used to expect on my birthdays as well. Of-course, not everyone has same concept or craze about these. So, I used to get disappointed earlier. Then I realized, this is not a business / a trade where we give and get love. So, I genuinely stopped expectation and I go purely crazy to prioritize my loved ones on their birthdays – No conditions apply 🙂 It feels wow!
  2. I used to worry about consistency. If I surprise a friend this year, then what if I miss wishing next year ? Of-course, we all have families and difficult to keep up the pace with friends or few relocate places and the frequency of contact reduces. Ouch ! Throw away those complicated thoughts .. This minute they are with you, as a close friend – Embrace it, feel the friendship, express your love. Celebrate ! Period.

Life is about small little things, birthdays are just a reason to express our love. So, don’t overthink, don’t complicate – Just party ! Make a big hallaa bullah about birthdays.. It feels wow !
Let me share Simple birthday gift & surprise ideas in my next blog…

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