Whatsapp uninstall challenge

What ? ” Is it a big deal ? Just a click on uninstall button “, “will go mad without whatsapp”, “Why unnecessarily uninstall”, “It is very imp for me to be in whatsapp”, “Not a big deal” – These were few reactions from my circles when they heard me that I am going to be away from whatsapp for 7 days. Let me pen down, why I felt like trying this.
keep-calm-and-uninstall-whatsappTHE JUNK DISCOVERY :

I am someone who is currently prioritizng my kids and husband  full-time, having said that I am also balancing out the “ME TIME” so that I dont get stressed out with responsibilities. So, my 24 hours is full packed. JAM PACKED ! There is a junk box in my day. Say on an avg, we spend atleast 2 mins per hour just checking if there are msgs in whatsapp, so 24*2 = 48 mins per day goes just by checking whatsapp. (Chatting doesn’t get included here, just checking time)

I could have cooked a nice snack or an exotic dish by 48 mins. A short nap. Half a movie. Several story time with my kids.Art activities with my son. giggling with my daughter. A proper chat with my best friends over phone ?  At my situation, 48 mins is a big time for me and I slowly realised that “JUST CHECKING” whatsapp takes away that time.

But there are of course positive stuffs too, I agree..  Still, I wanted to experience the difference and effects of not using this addictive social media. I uninstalled all the apps on my phone. When I told my mom, she asked “how will I see pics of my grandchildren daily” When I told my friends they called me insane , when I told my husband, just like a typical husband he dint listen lol.

Day 1 : I wake up around 2 AM to have some water, and then as usual my hand searches for my phone below pillow, when I unlock I realise, “Oh, its just a phone now, plain phone”

Day 2 : I was wondering how my ‘only whatsapp friends ‘ will contact me. (Can you take a min to realise how many ‘only whatsapp friends’ you have ? ) So, I left sms to them that I am not on whatsapp. 

Day 3 : iPhone 5C : I am using it only to attend calls ? There were only 3 numbers in dialled and received calls. 1. Mother 2. Husband 3. Maid , I felt sorry for my iPhone

Day 4 : The first day where my de-addiction happened. I stopped checking phone, I stopped thinking of whatsapp or chats etc. My mind was free. But, I felt like I missed a hobby, thats it. 

Day 5 : It was our wedding anniversary and to my surprise and shock hardly 5 friends wished me on sms and call. I wondered how it used to be before whatsapp was created. I used to get calls from extended families, school friends, college friends, RJ friends, office team 1 friends, team 2 friends, team 3 friends,parent friends, neighbours, misc friends – everyone. And now it is just 5 wishes . I no more agree 100% that these social media are to “Stay connected” 

Day 6 : People who know me knows that I am someone who is fond of changing profile pics and updating status. With loads of pics on anniversary , I dint have fb or whatsapp to change profile pics and share moments with my buddies. But, frankly I was not tempted to. Wow feel

Day 7 : I got a confidence that I am not going to spend 48 mins of junk on these social media. But, a hobby, sharing tips, recipes with my womens groups, discussing parenting topics in school groups, having fun chats with friends – yes, that is a stress buster, just like listening to a song. 

I decided to install back. Mom was happy to see pics , hubby could text the time he would return from office, friends could wish me “belated anniversary wishes” lol. Things were back, except one thing.

What I gained out of those 7 days is now  I have  extra “48 mins” per day 🙂 

Are you ready to try this WhatsApp uninstall challenge for 7 days and post your experience day wise (on comment section ? )

I am curious to hear experience from other’s point of view as well. Pls follow below clauses and do share your experiences, Top 3 of them WIN SMALL GOODIES from Tigressandbutterfly 🙂

  1. Do leave me a msg before you install
  2. Enable “Last seen” active before uninstalling
  3. Experience to be shared in comment section of the blog only (Each Day for all 7 days)

Are you ready ? I am starting to pack the gifts to you 🙂 Cheers !


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