When I Was A Child

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And.. I am smiling as I read the title again ! “Ignorance is bliss” – yes those are the days when I never knew about Indian politics, I never knew about our family issues, I did not even know if its organic food or not 😛 . All we knew was to have fun and find a way to stay happy. Childhood is when you dont have boundaries. Infact you dont know that there is something called “boundary” exists. I am going to list down the super top 5 funny things I have done to achieve happiness. Oh, yes, maybe thats why they called a naughty kid always 😉

  1. TV Time : While my sleeping time was 8 PM, parents strictly made sure that I was sleeping by 8, so after checking and confirming that I have slept, they will switch on the TV while they chat too. Me, the little actor , would not be sleeping, rather I had made small holes on my blanket near both eyes through which I was watching TV. Over a period of time, the hole in blanket was big and my mom found this acting act of mine. Though my parents got angry that time, this is something we laugh about now.
  2. girl-eating-chocolate-2Home made chocolates : I am a choco-holic. So,of course when I was a child, there was a big NO for daily chocolates at my home. So, I used to make home-made chocolates ? What ? 10 years girl – how can I make one ? Take boost and mix little water, keep it in fridge in ice trays, once frozen, they make yummy ice chocolates 😛 My mom always wondered how boost gets over so quick. And now I know where my cooking interest comes from..
  3. Morning Sleep time : An adult knows the purpose of an alarm, as a child, I never minded an alarm. Rather found a secret place at my home to continue my morning nap. (The loft which I climbed via the wardrobe 🙂
  4. Classroom dreams : I used to fix up on my teacher’s bindi as the vision spot and start dreaming , so that ma’am never realises that I dream but thinks I am paying more attention. Maybe thats why now I would be able to find out those who apply the same tricks to me.
  5. Dance practice : Being a convent school, we girls were given strong advice on choice of song for our dance, which will be patriotic and service oriented songs. We used to carry the cassette of our new movie songs, dance for them until the staffs arrived after which we will apply same energy for the patriotic songs. Guess what ? I was shortlisted for my strong energy and passion for the Republic day performance that year and performed before district collector. Now you know the secret from where the energy came from 🙂

Am sure everyone’s childhood carries such sweet little naughty cute memories. Now I am a mother of two children, I apply parenting rules to them, I am sure they are finding their own way to enjoy their childhood as they are also ignorant about all those rules. Now I know the value of time, money, food everything hence cannot be so tricky to achieve those simple things what I want. Instead I sacrifice them easily. When I was a child, I was ignorant and that bliss made me enjoy every moment to the fullest 🙂 I was always success as I was ignorant about a term called “Failure” so what ever I did was success to me …
Thanks again Blogadda for the wonderful opportunity you gave me to recollect these sweet memories 🙂

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