Why do I support Jallikattu ?

“Hey , do you support jallikattu ? Or no to jallikattu”, a non Tamil friend of mine, casually asked. He did not sound ‘for’ or ‘against’ jallikattu. “hey, of course I support Jallikattu” answer came spontaneously from within me. I really thought again, why did I say that answer.But, I am strong and clear that it is yes, support Jallikattu. We discussed about animal trouble, people dying etc, my heart was not convinced. I said, “it is more personal that social.It is a tradition, it has a history and pride”. We also discussed about the politics behind the ban of jallikattu, which is also giving space for international milk suppliers to attack India rather spoil India with their products and the cows breeded with jallikattu bulls produce high quality milk which is a threat for those international monsters. Few Sharukh khan , Salman Khan songs on TV were good enough for us to divert the topic.
I wanted to ask myself again, why I support Jallikattu ? It is equal to asking why do you like your parents house so much ? Why do you feel comfortable at your native even if it is in village? Areh, this is where and how we lived, how we were brought up, it is tradition, it stands in our culture and definition. While you beautifully start explaining about why should we ban jallikattu, pls have a look at below pictures.

C’mon, it is ‘just’ an army practice with camels, they are ‘just’ agori babas, it is ‘just’ liquor shop, what can we do about rape or that bus or prostitution? these are not a legal ones, they are ‘just’ crimes in India. Why on earth did you keep actors salary in this list ? It is ‘just’ business.
Are these your questions ? My answer , a Tamilian answer
This is ‘just’ a sport for you and one of ‘our’ tradition’ for us. While the above are not exactly to be banned (except for the crimes), they are also ‘not so good’ for the developing India. So, go and ban everything from Jammu Kashmir and start your BAN behaviour from top, come to us last.
People die in jallikattu. Areh, people face extreme health issues in every sport. People die in plane crash, ban aeroplanes. People die in train accident, ban railways. People die for many reasons. Farmers die for a reason, now dear government – you have that reason on hand, and you can do something about it. Please go ahead and prioritise that.
Jallikattu is neither for killing people nor for hurting bulls. There is a big history behind our sport. We celebrate  mattu pongal as the day next to pongal where we worship bulls and cows  who farm along with farmers, who gives milk. Tamil culture has a festival to worship and celebrate our cows and bulls. Every Pongal wish will have cows and bulls in the greeting card. Dare not touch our culture. ENNA DA RASCALA !

There are so many cases pending and postponed on various reasons, close those cases. Don’t think we are easy targets ! We see no reason to ban jallikattu now ! Neither we nor our bulls, do not play jallikattu with us !
Moral of the story : We don’t have to explain why we support Jallikattu, instead we don’t find a reason to ban Jallikattu…



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      • Eeru Thazhuvuthal, Vaadi Vasal, Supreme Court ruling, Animal rights ellam mention irunthiruntha innum nalla irunthirukkum! Dai nanga pannuvomda…getthu da….llam online la dhan workout aagum..
        Those who donot know would be left confused because of jingoism in the post!
        From ancient times to even pre indendence times namma culture and tradition pure aa than iruthuthu..to an extent….But the moment CAPITAL and CAPITALISM comes in ushering in technology, the pristine culture and traditions undergoes changes…..some good and some bad. This event too is not an exception…tractors and other implements took a toll on our native breeds….athukku state govt. should try to come up with a programme to preserve the same…
        Why on earth tamizhans donot write about other plight of tamil farmers….like the recent drought conditions and suicides throughout tamil nadu….
        Onnu Kaveri prachana illana Jallikattu…athuvum January masam mattum than latter a patthi think pannavey arambippenga….
        Go through the Supreme court judgement…For a starter please read this http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/editorial/Saying-no-to-jallikattu-again/article16667607.ece
        Its time to think….
        Na malayali than…aana….enakku tamil romba pudikkum…Like the way PERIYAR liked it….
        I donot say be rational for everything…but try to think over anything before you post so that things get more clear and precise than add to the confusion…
        like what my HERO PERIYAR did….
        Kochukkatheenga!! I felt the post could have been a bit more informative..so…thats why!
        I wish you and your family A HAPPY PONGAL!!

        • Good to see your interest and knowledge in Tamil… I do have information on jallikatti… men having names as ‘kaalai’ to show respect for jallikattu bulls, the six breeds exclusive for jallikattu ..
          the point We do not even have to explain people these information, it’s rejection of the ban ! Not arguing for it… u nailed it .. totally emotional Tamilian post.. which I feel right about 🙂 Pongalo Pongal..

          • I was born in Kerala but living in chennai…so…
            Men having name as Kaalai to show respect for bulls…….Not really….Its pure pure Machismo…..
            A socratic conversation is the need of the hour than riding high on emotion. Not explaining to those who donot know(even to the non tamils) will add to the confusion..misleading them eventually!
            But again! This is an emotionally biased post!
            Better start campaigning early next year on!!

  1. Very daring & truthful post. You nailed it exactly. It’s our right to have Jallikattu. Proudly #ISupportJallikattu. Happy to join with you.

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