Why to be passionate

So something triggers every writing. And this time, the “don’t know why but I am irritated” feeling for almost a week. And also a dear friend said she would come over home last weekend so we could discuss about my upcoming book. I said I have household chores and somehow couldn’t make it. Yesterday we met over a cup of tea and spoke about a little about few chapters. But deep inside I know there is a reason why I couldn’t sit with her and show the contents. “I was not ready”. The quality of writing that I am aiming for, I haven’t made those changes and corrections to my draft. It has been two weeks since I am waiting to get some time to write, but with a toddler, with an exam time kid, with office targets to achieve, with household works – I did not prioritize my time on writing. Having the thoughts inside head and not finding time to pen down.. Hmm that’s quite not nice feeling. When I mentioned this to a friend, she casually asked, “then why write”. It made me think. No one forces me to write or I don’t have any deadline or targets. So why get stressed over it.
But the actual answer is.. That is how passion works right?!. While end result is called fruitful, the path we follow towards passion is determination, being focused, aggressive never give up attitude – it’s mostly like this. And we always have a choice, making the right choice makes us feel good inside.

Remember the feeling of participating in running race at school?? You run, run faster, push yourself harder. At one point while running, you go breathless, you might feel like giving up and relaxing but still with some willpower and determination you finish running, give your best to come first in the race or even complete the race. And that feeling is wow. It makes you feel all that hard running is worth it. There are two things I realize about passion :
1. Hurdles will always be there. Life will not clear away your problems and tell you, now you are ready to follow your passion. So, never give reasons to yourself and relax in middle of your running race.

2. The success received by external appreciation and awards are momentary which stays for some time in life and people move on and you will no more be special. But what is the wow factor is personal happiness of achievement. Only you know the vigor inside you, the way you started this little spark in you and the way you groom it and transform it to an achievement. So, never fall prey for external wow factors rather focus on the inner satisfaction.

Now, the above two is of course based on my experience, have been on many trails and errors. Have given up and regretted, have pushed myself too much and got wounded. And finally learnt the balance.

For those who get the question, what if one is not passionate about anything. I would say, all of us are passionate about something. It is the string that holds your own life. Maybe some are very passionate about taking care of themselves, so they don’t step out of their comfort zone. I admire my sweet simple friend Revati, who is a happy home maker, her passion is her family. She has never been fancied by the city life. She doesn’t have a maid, no complaints. She loves to do all the work at home herself. That is passion.
So, all of us are definitely passionate in life, maybe on different zones, on different intensities. But this inner force and determination is definitely needed to keep up the energy levels. Learn how to place your problems into a corner box and keep your passion in the center.

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