Why to share the load ?

#1 The husband had a hectic day , all he wanted was a nice tight sleep. He was very disturbed by the noise of vessels. His wife who had come from office, was arranging the cleaned vessels back in the kitchen. The noise gave him a headache. He angrily came out from the bedroom to the kitchen and glanced for a moment and helped her with her work, so that both finished the task quickly and went to sleep. #sharetheload TO GET SOME REST
Cooking-With-Your-Spouse#2 It was one week since they put their son in school. He was having a discomfort since last week, something on his chest, heart, mind that was troubling him. Again next morning alarm rang, they woke up, she made tea for him and boost for the little one and started preparing food, packing lunch, took the son for a bath, oops the cooker whistled , she has to run into the kitchen. He was having his tea and reading newspaper with the same discomfort. Suddenly he closed the newspaper and went to the bathroom and said “I will give him bath and dress him up, you take care of packing food”. She was speechless, she dint have time to react, but happily gave him a peck and ran into kitchen like a butterfly. #sharetheload TO ENJOY PARENTING
father-with-kids_2#3They had to visit their native place for a wedding. He called her and asked to pack and get ready, he will complete his meetings and come sharp on time to leave from home. She cancelled her meetings, managed to complete urgent tasks and went home and packed his dresses, kids dresses, gifts and stuffs. He came 10 mins early and saw how neatly organised she was. Noticed that she forgot to pack those new dresses of hers. He packed her bag. The tired lady felt relaxed. #sharetheload TO MAKE TRAVEL FUN
#4That incident was unplanned. With his single income, he did not have one lakh ready to spend, he could manage only 80K. He was tensed, he also had to pay EB bill, laundry bill, flat maintenance , for a minute, he held his forehead with both hands and sat down with tension. She came with a purse with 20K, “I  had this savings from my small hobbies and also savings from monthly groceries”, he kissed her hand. Listening to this conversation, their little daughter came running from her room, with her piggy bank saying , “papa, I also have my savings”. They laughed and kissed her tight. #sharetheload TO BE FINANCIALLY STRESS FREE
I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.” WATCH THIS VIDEO : VIDEO

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