Working MOM

When I say I am a working mom, first looks I get from others will be one of the below
1. She is compromising her time with her child
2. Lucky job she must be in
3. Poor child, that’s why he is thin
4. Wonder if she pays enough attention to her child
It really takes much longer time to come out of these stress-looks from others, longer , very longer time to convert myself from the soft, kind , guilt feels to a strong attitude of “I don’t care about your judgements , this is between me and my child”…
So, to build the attitude in you as well, to make yourself stronger and guilt-free, I am sharing 5 reasons to feel proud ! To jump in joy ! that these are advantage of being a working mom !
1. Your child never feels you are doing nothing. He / She knows you are juggling between home and office works..
2. Your child is already fantasised by the fact that mom can manage cooking, home works, health, beauty, playing, games and controls / fixes things when something is wrong. On top of that, you give an impression that mom is independent, she has office, she gets busy somedays, just like daddy
3. Your child learns to adjust and understand ! Trust me – your inspire your daughter and your son will be a good, understanding husband to his future wife when he grows.


4. Think of you , in your late 40s or 50s.. Your child will be grown up, with his/her education/ career / love life. Your husband will be in a higher post @ office, with his friends circle, dignity, image , etc.. You should not feel like a lonely lady , servicing them and waiting for orders, sacrificing life, controlling emotions! One day when you vent out, its gonna break everyone’s emotions deep. So, think of that day , get charged up ! you have your life !


5. People respect you and consider your advice , and when your kid sees that, he / she gets more inspired !
Think of all these facts… Do not feel guilty that the little one is being picked up by van driver, do not feel insecure that your child is in a day care, not eating properly, do not feel like crying that your child will be waiting evening looking at the doors, do not feel sad that when you are back from office, you lack the energy expected by your child !
Feel PROUD that you build a strong basement in his / her life ! Pats on your shoulders with all the load on it !


Cheers to all working mothers ! Including my mom too ! ūüôā
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  1. Superb,often I wonder about these things,too. If not for the career the lady is destined to kitchen,tv and society functions. Hats Off,to you for appreciating what u have and the guts to say what you appreciate!!!

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